Why Your Copy Isn’t Converting?

Here Are 5 Reasons Your Copy May Not Be Converting



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Why, after your best efforts creating excellent content and building a strong prospect relationship, you’re not seeing the conversions you want.




Let’s look at the 5 reasons why your copy is not converting from Sonia Simone of Copyblogger, and what you should focus on so you can start making more revenue and better profit.




1. They don’t want what you’ve got

  • If this is what’s wrong with your marketing, there’s no ninja copywriting technique in the world that will help you out.
  • You might have something you’re convinced your customers need, but it’s not something they want.
  • When in doubt, know that “want” beats out “need” every time.
  • If this is your problem, you have essentially two choices.
  • One, you can offer something that more people want.
  • Or two (also known as the hard way), you can think about how you can build a bridge between something they want and something you offer.



2. They’re confused

  • The confused mind does not buy.
  • When we’re faced with too many choices, too many decisions, too much extraneous information, or even a visual design with too much clutter, we freeze.
  • You may have too many different options for them to choose from.
  • If they have to make a choice that’s more complex than “Silver, Gold, Platinum,” you run the very real risk of losing them.



3. They can’t see the pretty picture

  • The prospect just doesn’t imagine herself as a customer.
  • She might not be able to visualize what your product’s going to do for her.
  • Paint a picture in her mind of what that will look like — and use lots of concrete sensory detail like color, touch, smell, and sound so she can make it real in her mind’s eye.
  • She also might not get how your product makes her life better.
  • Spell out the product’s benefits in clear, simple language.
  • Remember, selling is communication and education.
  • Be sure you’re getting your message across clearly.
  • You need to be absolutely certain your sales copy contains at least these three things (and these might be enough to make the sale for you):
  • This is what I’ve got.
  • This is what it will do for you.
  • This is what you should do next.



4. You didn’t ask

  • If you explicitly ask your reader to click the link, dial the number, or whatever other means you use to get that sale, she’s much more likely to do it.
  • Every persuasive bit of copy needs a very explicit call to action.
  • As a reminder of how to get the “wimp” out, here’s an article Sonia wrote about how to write stronger CTAs:
  • How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn



5. They don’t believe you

  • They might want what you’ve got.
  • They might have a great mental picture of it.
  • They might know just what to do next.
  • But they hesitate.
  • Why?
  • Because they’re second-guessing their own decision, and they’re scared of feeling like an idiot.
  • Don’t take it personally — we’re living in an age of betrayal.




How are they going to find any trust in you?



Simply, by building up that trust by creating great business relationships with killer content.





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