How To Create Blog Content That Spreads Like Wildfire

Create Blog Content That Spreads Like Wildfire












Spread Your Blog Content Like Wildfire With These 7 Simple Strategies








Give your readers exactly what they are looking for  by providing engaging and relevant content with these seven simple strategies from Social Media Today social expert Rebekah Radice






Watch your content spread like wildfire!





1.  Pick Your Niche

  • Shareable content has a purpose.
  • There is passion and authenticity behind it, a vision that is driven by overarching goals.
  • Before you begin to write your post, determine whether or not it is aligned with your desired goals.
  • Will it produce the results you are hoping to achieve?
  • If a blog post feels forced, dump it and move on.
  • If you can’t connect to your content, you can be sure that no one else will.



2.  Choose Your Words Wisely

  • Clean up your post and eliminate all of your unnecessary or “weakening” words and/or phrases.
  • Optimizing your blog posts is one part of the writing process and a big step toward increasing traffic to your website or blog.



3. Post Great Content, Consistently

  • Posting great content on a consistent basis is the key to creating shareable content.
  • By consistently posting, increased traffic will begin to happen as readers refer and search engines find you.
  • With a little effort, your blog can and will change your business.



4. Write Catchy Blog Titles

  • The right title can create a viral sensation.
  • It can cause your blog to be shared or fall into the sweet space of oblivion.
  • Work to write short, effective headlines for blog posts.
  • Start with your main keyword and then work it into your title and post.
  • The challenge is to make it feel natural.
  • Always envision your reader and speak to them directly.
  • What would catch their attention?

Your post titles should:

  • Stimulate the curiosity of your readers and
  • Summon their emotions – whether it’s anger, frustration, happiness or excitement



 5. Check the Readability of Your Post

  • Reading your post out loud allows you to feel what your reader will feel as they read through it.



6. Apply the Rule of One

Apply one of these rules to each of your posts:

  • Offer a solution for your readers
  • Offer an answer that your competition isn’t
  • Show “how-to” do something
  • Encourage your readers through facts to make a decision
  • Entertain your readers through a relatable story
  • Inspire your readers through “feel good” stories
  • Make your readers laugh, cry or think
  • Let your readers get to know you and understand that you really can make a difference in their life or situation

Now ask yourself:  How does this article make the lives of my readers better or easier?



 7. Inspire Your Readers

  • Want to inspire your readers and create deeper connections?
  • Intersperse fun, relatable stories with educational and informative articles all while making it entertaining and engaging.
  • You don’t need to do a hard sell to get people to buy from you.
  • What you need is authentic, relevant information that offers insight into who you are and why they need to take action with you today.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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