How To Create Buzz For Your Product or Service Without Being Salesy

Do You Need To Create Buzz About Your Product or Service, Just NOT Sure How Without Being Salesy?






There is a very strategic way that you can BUT you need to pay attention to find out what that way is…

Ok, imagine that you’re about to launch a new product or service, and need to create some buzz about your product or service, but the problem is you DON’T want to sound salesy…….“nobody likes salesy” you think to yourself… what CAN you do?





There is a solution………keep reading…….



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Did you know that you can generate interest in your product or service without actually mentioning it — and you can start building that interest long before you’re ready to launch just by utilizing this simple, but very POWERFUL online marketing strategy………







Below you will find 3 ways that you can utilize this powerful marketing strategy in your business today:


 #1. Blog about the problem

  • Every product or service should address a problem that your potential customers have.
  • For example, my friend, Kathy wanted to create a product to help bloggers protect their WordPress blogs from hackers. She knows that blog hacking is a problem many people have, but most bloggers don’t know they’re at risk.
  • So she put out a few guest posts on social media , as well as a series on common ways blogs are hacked to build some buzz for her product.
  • By the end of the series, readers would be getting a little concerned. “Hey, maybe this is something I should look into. This might happen to me, too.”
  • Then Kathy would come up with a nifty solution to the problem for her readers and those worried people would be grateful.
  • A little valuable education saves her the trouble of convincing customers that they need the product, and it benefits the reader at the same time.


#2. Blog about the solution

  • When you blog, be sure to mention solutions to problems you’re going to solve.
  • You don’t need to go into step-by-step lessons and give every single answer away.
  • But you definitely should talk about what to do, and then sell how to do it.
  • Blog about what solutions you think are best for different angles on the problem.
  • Then sell them your expertise in the best way to go about carrying out those solutions for themselves.
  • This approach lets you show readers that you know what needs to be done. And your confidence lets them see that you have a very good idea of exactly how to do it.


#3. Blog about the client

“A good way to reinforce the impression that you have expertise is by blogging about clients you’ve already helped. There are a couple of ways to do this”….says James Chartrand at Men with Pens.

  • Case studies: Write up a story about a problem your client came to you with, and how you solved that problem. You don’t need to give away all your tricks, but be specific about what problem the client had (she had pests in her garden) and what you did (you eliminated pests completely). You don’t need to go into every nitty gritty detail of how you did it (you released ladybugs in her garden), but a few well-chosen specifics will make the story more compelling.
  • Interviews: If your client is willing, do a full-scale interview centered around the topic of the problem and post it to your blog. Ask your client what it was like to live with this problem. Ask her what she’s learned and what she would do differently next time. Her story will help your potential clients see the value of what you’ve got.



By the time you’ve spent a few weeks blogging on topics that relate to the problem you’re about to solve, your readers will be fully informed and ready to buy. And you won’t need to beat them over the head with pushy sales talk.



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27 thoughts on “How To Create Buzz For Your Product or Service Without Being Salesy

  1. For my organizing service, I love doing before and after photos without the clients name in it to protect their privacy. They always love to see the before and after photos. It made them feel like they accomplished something. Thanks for sharing this great advice.

  2. Recently received one of the nicest compliments you could ask for. Most people love our products but one reader to our blog recently commented she never feels sold to. We capture her with our topics, visuals, information & she learns something in addition to getting a beautiful presentation.

  3. Yes, those are valuable suggestions of creating buzz without being salesy. I like the one re talking about how you’ve helped a former client. I saw a link there called Men with Pens and thought it was more info but I see those suggestions were below. Being too salesy is a turnoff or many and yet being ok to mention our services is also something we need to be ok with and use examples as that is what speaks truth in a story like way. Good stuff Joan.

  4. This is such a great three-part way to really engage your readers without being pushy. I know I personally hate salesy pitches, so this works perfectly. Thanks for sharing this strategy…so useful.

  5. I fully agree with not being too pushy or “salesy” in the way you present yourself and your products or services, Joan. Although I am a writer and people know me as that, I am also building a health and wellness team and share information with the intention of helping to educate people and raise their awareness. I am not sure it only takes a few blogs to get people interested, however, I do believe with consistent sharing the issues and possible solution, people come around to it in their own time. Somehow people only make choices for themselves it seems, when their backs are against the wall…especially to do with their health and wellbeing. Great tips as always! Problems, solutions and then individualizing it, seems like the formula we live in life too!

    • Absolutely Beverley, being too pushy or salesy is such a turn off and if you can get to people through writing (yes, it takes time) but in the long run more people will come to know like and trust you with your content 🙂 Thanks for your awesome comment as always 🙂 Appreciate it! It is all about educating people and sharing value 🙂

  6. I love these ideas. People really do not want to be sold to every single time so I can see how blogging about the problem and the solution is a great way to build like and trust so eventually they will buy from you.

  7. So true… blog about your target market’s pain and answer it for them… when you educate others, they will inquire from you… which is like sales but not selling!

  8. I’m often surprised by bloggers who say they have run out of ideas to blog about. There’s no end to problems, solutions, and clients. Good marketing strategy, Joan.

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