Why Do You Create Content?

Do You Know The “Real” Reason You Should Be Creating Content?










Here Is The “Real” Reason That You Should Be Creating Content




You create content to build an audience



Your greatest business asset isn’t your website, and it isn’t your products or services.



Your greatest business asset is your audience. 



“It’s the universe of people who are paying attention to what you have to say”……says Sonia Simone, Copyblogger




Why do we create content?

  • Because that’s what the audience wants from us.
  • They want interesting, informative things to read, listen to, or watch.
  • They want something that makes them look smarter for sharing it.
  • And they want to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.



We’ve all heard that content is supposed to be “relevant,” or “useful.”


But it’s only relevent or useful if the audience says it’s relevant or useful.


They decide. Not you.



You’ll notice a few changes when you start putting the audience’s needs first, instead of your own.

  • Your content will get much easier to read.
  • You’ll focus on things like formatting content so it’s incredibly reader-friendly.
  • You’ll quit trying to sound like a giant business and start sounding like a smart, friendly human being who has the answers to important questions.
  • Your site design will immediately improve when you stop trying to make it “impressive” and start trying to make it clear and useful.
  • It’s not there to serve you, it’s there to serve your audience.
  • You’ll quit using “clever” headlines and start using benefit-rich ones.
  • You’ll start to see your search rankings improve as you create content that’s actually being used and acted on.
  • Your sales cycle will become more efficient as prospects begin to know, like, and trust you to solve their pressing problems.





Authority — the real kind, the kind that builds businesses — comes from service.



When you serve your audience honestly, consistently, and well, your business will be rewarded.






For more information on this, please Check out Copyblogger’s ebook:


Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business.



It’s free with your MyCopyblogger membership, and it will help you get more specific about how you’re going to serve your audience, and how content is going to help you grow your business.





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