How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages

10 Expert Tips For Creating High-Converting Landing Pages



In order to push people closer to a desired action, your landing pages must be both simple and focused.


Rather than settle for subpar landing page conversion rates, your focus should be on defining the intended goal of the page and carrying out the content and design with that goal in mind.




To help you in your efforts, Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT, has put together 10 of the most helpful landing page tips from industry experts….



1. Create urgency

  • “Use scarcity tactics such as a limited supply of your product offering, limited time for your offer, or limited numbers for offer.” – Krista Bunskoek, Wishpond
  • Takeaway: The less there is of something, the more people want it. Marketing with scarcity works incredibly well because it forces people out of the “grey area.” If they truly want what you’re offering, they have to make a decision here and now.

2. Focus on one thing

  • “Your homepage is a mish-mash of goal oriented communication – and usually for good reason. With that in mind, resist the urge to send people there as itʼs better targeted at the curious explorer type rather than the person clicking through from a banner or AdWords link. Think one goal, one message, one action. And hence one page – generally a new one – a landing page.” – Oli Gardner, Unbounce
  • Takeaway: If you want a visitor to subscribe to your blog, give them all the necessary information they need to make their decision, and that’s it. While other pages on your website may focus on more than one thing, your landing pages should be dedicated to one action and one action only.

3. Use visuals wisely

  • “While graphics are certainly attractive, they can also increase the load time of your website. In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in page-load time results in 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions.” – Anum Hussain, HubSpot
  • Takeaway: Visuals help to reinforce your written copy, but if they’re too big they could be working against you. 

4. Employ clear headlines

  • “People coming to your site are going to decide in a split second if they want to go back to their game of “Words with Friends” or stay and see what you are all about. A key way to keep them is to tell them in plain language what your site is all about.” – Beth Morgan of Marketing Nerdistry via KISSmetrics
  • Takeaway: For scanners, headlines are one of the first things that stand out on a page. If the headlines fail to communicate the message effectively, you’re at risk of losing their interest. 

5. Leverage your thank-you page

  • “A Thank-you page is where users are taken after completing a conversion. It is also where you can continue your relationship with the user, which can result in future conversion.” – Ada Wizmur, GetResponse 
  • Takeaway: Your thank-you page is more valuable than you think. Rather than simply including the offer and calling it a day, consider the benefits of including a consultation form or a relevant additional resource.

6. Reference your buyer personas

  • “Think carefully of who will be visiting the landing page and write copy for that demographic. You want visitors to feel the page speaks to their problems and concerns and that you have a solution just for them.” – David Meerman Scott via
  • Takeaway: Don’t write landing page copy that you’d want to read, but rather focus on what you think you’re ideal customer needs to hear. Address their specific needs and pain points to ensure that you’re capturing their attention and conveying value. 

7. Test, test, and test again

  • “Don’t assume that you created the best landing page out there. Just like with everything else, you will have to split-test it and follow what converts the best.” – Neil Patel, QuickSprout
  • Takeaway: You don’t know what could be working better until you try. Experiment with different designs, colors, words, and forms to see which combination of elements performs best. 

8. Highlight proof

  • “Provide positive feedback, testimonials, awards, certifications from well-known sources and satisfied customers. Do not go overboard here – curate your list to display the most convincing positive re-enforcement.” – Alhan Keser, Blue Fountain Media
  • Takeaway: Anytime you can attach less risk to your product or service, you are improving the chances that a consumer will make a purchasing decision in your favor. 

9. Change the wording

  • “Different words evoke different kinds of emotions. Try different wording to try to improve conversion rates.” – Mona Elesseily of Page Zero Media viaSearch Engine Land 
  • Takeaway: Don’t settle. While you may be partial to a particular phrasing of something, it’s important that you test it against an alternative to determine its effectivity. 

10. Write like a human

  • “Write like you talk, and avoid using business jargon in your copy. Prospects don’t want to hear how your first-rate, top-of-the-line company is leveraging cutting-edge techniques to teach waffle making. They just want to hear that you can provide them with the skills they need to make some darn good waffles.” – Shauna Ward, Pardot 
  • Takeaway: The more you treat people like humans, the more likely they will be to hear your message. By writing like you speak, your content will feel less buttoned up, and more conversational, inviting, and interesting overall. 



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