How to Create Your Own Mastermind Group

Creating Your Own Mastermind Group…..What You Need To Know










According to Napoleon Hill, a Mastermind Group
“Consists of two or more people that work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.” —Think and Grow Rich (Tribeca Books, 2013)





Simply put, a Mastermind Group is a combination of just two or more people working with the spirit of harmony and cooperation to meet a distinctive goal in a particular business to attain success.








How to Select Mastermind Group Members:

  • The members that you select for the group must have the following…
  • Right attitude and commitment towards the business
  • Each one of them has some specialized field of expertise and experiences.
  • All of them must believe in action rather than just discussions
  • Exposure to internet and online marketing must be an added benefit








5 Steps for Creating the Mastermind Group


Step 1 Invitation:

  • Create an Invitation Card specifying the aim of your Group.
  • Make it clear that you will be glad if only the participant thinks that he can contribute towards the business goal.

Step 2 Meeting:

  • Organize a meeting to explain and clarify the aim of the Mastermind Group.

Step 3 Agenda:

  • Discuss the agenda with the members and make sure everybody says something about it.

Step 4 Commitments:

  • Ensure that every member of the group assures dedication, confidentiality and on-time performances to the established goals.

Step 5 Get-Together:

  • By the end of the meeting, arrange some friendly games and meal to create the feeling of togetherness.








5 Points for Successful Launching of Mastermind Group


1.  To agree over definite aim of attaining profitable business.

  • All the selected members must accept this single aim of business success and must believe that every action should be in favour of it.

2.  Make sure that everyone gets the benefits.

  • Check regularly about the performances and participations of the group members.

3.   Foster respect for all the group members and always create room for discussion for every suggestion.

  • Ask for practical ways to meet the particular plan.

4.   Maintain absolute harmony among the group members.

  • There should be the understanding that business profitability and success are the keys to any proceeding and personal egos should not be entertained.

5.   Build positive polarity and trust among the group members.

  • Create enough bonding among the members so that no one will leave the group if his/her words are not followed







Follow these steps to assure there will be no stoppage to your success.







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  1. Hello Joan! These are some great ideas. I especially liked the ego check and not leaving the group if your ideas aren’t followed. I missed financial commitment. Was that covered?
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    1. Hi Eddie!

      Thank you 🙂 Financial commitment is definately important 🙂 Thank you for the reminder lol

      Hope you are having a great evening…appreciate your awesome comments always….and the shares

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