How To Create Your Online Brand In 10 Steps

Creating Your Online Brand In 10 Easy Steps










Like any entrepreneur, you’re looking to build relationships with your audience. 





Creating your online brand may easily become the best strategic step you will ever take





“People want to purchase from and use services of the people (and the organizations) that they know and trust. And the way you present your brand defines whether they will become your customers.” says Andrew Smith  a social media marketer, guest blogger for Firepole Marketing





“Building a brand means achieving 3 factors of success: brand awareness, likability and credibility”…..says Andrew

  • Even if you were the greatest person in the world,  people  simply don’t just throw money to you or your business.
  • First, you deserve their trust.







Following these easy guidelines means being more contributive in the online spaces where your audience hangs out, and collaborating with them as well.





These simple guidelines bring you not only people’s trust and sympathy, but profit $$ as well.

  • The specifics of today’s relationships between customers and businesses can be described in this way:
  • Consumers expect honesty and caring from the people, businesses, and organizations with whom they do business.
  • Customers want meaningful relationships with brands and more personal interactions when doing business.
  • Brands need to to have a “face”.
  • Partnership and mutual care of brands and their audiences motivate their long-term and trustworthy relationships.





The most efficient way to generate trust in you and your brand is to make personal connections with your customers. 









Here are 10 Easy Steps to Getting You Started in Making Personal Connections with Your Customers







Step 1: Create an “About Me” or  “My Story” Page

  • Your About/My Story page on your website is your chance to tell customers about yourself and let them really get to know you.
  • Include a few facts that will interest your customers (such as how you came to be providing the good/service/product that your customer is interested in) as well as what motivates you.
  • Focus on the more personal things that will bring you closer to your readers.




Step 2: Add Social Buttons

  • When it comes to making connections with your customers,  one of the best ways to do this is to add social buttons to your site, and to follow these easy rules of social media optimization.
  • Featuring your social social sites is a good way to get known and gain more followers, as well as to increase your trustworthiness.




Step 3: Craft a Compelling Tagline

  • A tagline is typically a short phrase that instantly tells your visitors what your business is about. 
  • A compelling tagline will stick in your customer’s mind, and over time, it may come to be associated with you and your business.
  • The key thing to remember about taglines is that they should be individual and demonstrate your mission.
  • If you can, try to include the main benefit that your customers will gain by working with you, buying your online training, or purchasing your product.




Step 4: Create an Engaging Blog

  • A perfect means to help you connect with your audience, and to become a memorable brand, is to have a unique and engaging blog (like this one)
  • What will attract your customers is your personal voice – the way in which you communicate via your website, social media, and – yes – especially on your blog  (start here to get yours)
  • The key to successfully using your blog, however, is to plan ahead for what kind of content you’re going to produce, and how often.
  • Remember that your blog is one of the best ways you have to establish your brand guidelines and approach your audience.
  • Click here for more valuable tips on how to build your blog and stay laser focused on what you need to know to “Blog Your Way To 6-Figures FAST”



Step 5: Create a Unique Design for Your Blog and Logo

  • Great design is all about making an impression on your new audience members, and hopefully to be remembered as well!
  • Boost your brand’s awareness and recognition by using a simple but attractive logo associated with your brand’s image.
  • You should know the basic design elements and core principles when building a website. 




Step 6: Post Valuable Content

  • To maintain your brand’s credibility and trust, you should provide people with incredibly helpful, high-quality, relevant and sharable content.
  • This applies to both your blog and your social media networks.
  • Helping people to decide on an issue, shaping their mindset, and offering some kind of advice can make you a source of online reference in your domain.




Step 7: Post Videos and Podcasts

  • No matter how well your write, text will never be loved as much as images and videos.
  • Including the occasional video or podcast in your marketing is a great way to make you and your business more familiar, accessible, and interactive.




Step 8: Be Yourself

  • Your customers are smart, and while they may appreciate your professionalism, they won’t trust you if you sound “just like the other guys.”
  • The best way to effortlessly engage your audience is to find your voice.
  • Your readers will appreciate – and respond to – your manner of speech, your individual style, and your voice.
  • After all, your readers would much rather interact with a real person than with a cookie-cutter corporate drone.




Step 9: Engage Your Audience with Rewards

  • Holding various contests with prizes is a great way for your brand to generate goodwill and more interactions.
  • And, it also brings you new subscribers.
  • Promote these contests through social media and watch the results.





Step 10: Be Polite and Thankful

  • As you and your brand gain more popularity, don’t forget to respond all of the comments that you receive on your blog posts!
  • Thank those who shared your posts personally through social media, and be sure to keep up with the conversations happening around your brand on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Not only is it good manners to say thank you, but it also allows your audience to see that you genuinely notice and care when someone shares your work.







Creating an online brand can seem challenging at first.






Start with one of these simple steps to build up your individual online brand, and then move on to the next one when you’re ready. 






Most importantly, remember to put your soul in what you do!









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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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  1. Hi Joan! This is a great list. I am doing most of these things, to the best of my ability. I think #9 is one to work on – that, and consistency in blogging, as that has been my biggest downfall.

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    My first time here but certainly not my last. Great article, totally agree with you, businesses need to humanize their brands via the conduit of their people. Personally Branded Employees provide the ability to powerfully amplify the company message and connect the company to people, ultimately their future customers. Should anyone want some help with setting up their Personal Brand Website we at offer a simple step by step process, the sites are backed 24/7/365 by an international development team. Again thank you for the article I will be sharing.

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