How To Create A Successful Business Blog

Creating A Successful Business Blog



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The simple truth about creating a successful business blog





To create a successful business blog, you will not require any special talent or creative skills…..says Henneke



Stop telling yourself that others have more talent than you.



You need to remember that there are two different mindsets:


1.  People with a fixed mindset believe they’re born with certain talents.

  • What they can and can’t do is already determined.
  • Success for them is proving how gifted they are.

2.  People with the growth mindset, however, believe that basic qualities can be cultivated, stretched, and improved through effort.

  • They thrive on challenges and learn from their failures.
  • Failure isn’t a sign that they lack talent, but an opportunity to learn more.




Here are Hennekes’ steps on how you can become a better writer?

  • The first step to becoming a better writer is learning how to read
  • I’m not talking about consuming words to understand a story or to grasp an argument.
  • Let me explain
  • With writing and blogging it’s the same.
  • You need to learn how to detect the basic shapes – how words, sentences, and paragraphs are assembled to create inspirational blog posts.

Learning how to read means analyzing

  • You need to analyze structures, paragraphs, sentences, and words.
  • You need to find out what grabs and holds your attention.
  • Discover how word choice impacts your emotions as a reader.
  • You can’t read without picking paragraphs and sentences apart.
  • Once you start analyzing texts, you start to detect various post structures.
  • You notice how long paragraphs with undulating sentences are broken up by staccato-like sentences.
  • You learn how specific words help you feel or visualize something.



Many of you assume that great writers have an innate ability

  • We think that they’re gifted, that they’re so much more special than we are.
  • Are they born with a talent to write epic blog posts?
  • Or have they worked hard to hone their skills?
  • Could it be that they’ve spent many hours reading and analyzing, and criticizing their own writing until they’re finally happy with the results?




Forget about talent and creative skills.


Stop telling yourself that others have more talent than you


Instead get to work.


Read more.


Learn more.


Write more.





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  1. I cannot agree with you enough that you need to read more in order to get better with writing. Coz brain needs fodder not only to come up with ideas, but you also need fodder to learn writing styles and voices. Its amazing how much we can improve on our writing by reading a lot 🙂

    Just as we should develop every day writing as a habit, we must also schedule every day reading time – and from my personal experience, reading something totally off niche helps a lot with creativity!

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