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How To Create Expert Flagship Content








What You Need To Know About Creating Your Own Expert Flagship Content





Are you struggling to find ideas for your own killer resource?





Here are 7 valuable tips by Chris Garrett to help you find some ideas for your “flagship” content…..








Keep in mind with each idea how well it fits into your blog, remember this content has to compliment and improve on the rest of your blog and form a foundation to build with not a replacement or distraction from it.




1. Look back over your blogging archives.

  • There is gold there if only you can see the nuggets shining out at you.
  • Is there something there, maybe a series, or some interlinked posts, perhaps something you can expand upon?



2. Your audience is your best asset.

  • Your audience will often tell you out of what you have produced so far that gave them most benefit.
  • Look at your traffic and see where your visitors arrive, what they look at, what they return to.
  • What out of all your content do people link to.



3. Look around your niche

  • It’s all about knowing where to look.
  • Where in your niche to people ask questions they really need answers to?
  • Most niches will have a forum, email discussion list, networking site



4. Your biggest tip

  • What one thing would you tell a newbie to your niche that will serve them best?
  • What recommendations could you make to your peers to help them be better, more efficient, get superior results, save money, half their wasted time, be more fashionable, better looking, more popular, …



5.  Guides, How-To and Tutorials

  • What steps or lessons do all new people need in your niche?
  • Can you take a reader step by step through a process in pictorial or video form?
  • People love to learn new skills, make things, save money or just be entertained watching someone else do something cool.



6.  FAQs – probably the easiest source AND content

  • A definitive FAQ can work extremely well.
  • If questions are frequently asked then there is absolutely a need, so holding all the answers in one place will surely be a draw.



7.  Resource Round-up

  • You don’t have to produce all the raw content yourself, collecting together the best resources from your niche and linking from one place could be an extremely valuable asset.





beyou3Remember to make it your own, something valuable, unique and remarkable.





All people really want is one trusted resource,that fully answers the question, in language we understand, in a place we can easily find……period.






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