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What You Need To Know To Creating A Successful Business Blog







Do you want to build a blog that benefits you and your business?





Whether you’re starting a new business blog or looking to revive an old one, you may feel overwhelmed by all that is involved.




Here is Why Writing a Business Blog is Important:

  • A business blog helps you cement your position as an expert by giving you a platform to provide exceptional content (news, tips, trends) for your clients, potential clients and partners.

“A business blog is important because it is the optimal choice for your content marketing hub. In today’s content-driven world, while you may view yourself as a marketer, you’re really a publisher. You have to provide relevant content for your prospects, customers and the public, who spend over 10 hours a day consuming media.”—Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute








Here are 10 resources and practical advice to help you to create and promote a successful business blog. from Patricia Redsicker, who writes research reviews for Social Media Examiner.





#1  Establish Blog Goals

  • A business blog is a long-term commitment—an investment of time, energy and effort.

  • Before you start blogging, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Why am I starting a blog? 

  • What do I want to get out of it?

  • What do I want my audience to get out of it?

  • Your answers to these questions should prompt you to identify key business goals for your blog.




#2  Identify Your Blog’s Purpose

  • Your blog’s purpose is reader-centered.

  • Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should people visit my blog?

  • What makes this information so special to my audience?

  • Are We Misunderstanding the Purpose of a Blog?:

  • For most people, a business blog is more about gaining exposure for their brand and less about making money.

  • “Blogging and social media have never been the best ways to directly sell to others, says ”Mack Collier

  • In Tad Chef’s article……The Actual Purpose of Business Blogging Is Not What You Think , he explains what blogging is not

  • This article is especially valuable because it debunks a lot of myths that business owners still believe about business blogging.

  •  A must-read before blogging



#3 Research Your Audience

  • Who is your audience?

  • In an ideal world, your blog reader should fit the same profile as your actual customer.

  • In order to attract the ideal audience to your blog, you have to understand who they are and what they need.

  • That way you can craft content that is both relevant and useful to your readers.

  • In James T. Noble‘s How to Define Your Target Audience the Right Way:  James says that you have to know exactly whom you’re targeting and why.

  • In order to create killer blog content for your target audience, you need to know who your readers are.

  • If you don’t have a detailed picture of your peeps, check out this post…….How to Build Better Buyer Personas to Drive Killer Content by Sarah Goliger of HubSpot.

  • She shows you how to use your customers’ demographics, needs and behaviors to create buyer personas, which will help you focus your content.



#4  Decide Posting Frequency

  • Consistency is the heart of blogging.

  • You need to set reader expectations and commit to a reasonable schedule.

  • How much time are you willing to dedicate each week to creating valuable content on your blog?

  • How many posts can you write or assign without spreading yourself too thin?

  • In this post….How Often Should You Blog? (Hint: The Answer Might Surprise You)….by Ali Luke, published on Problogger in 2012, it remains timeless in its wisdom.

  • If you’re starting or reigniting a business blog, this is a must-read.

  • It will take away the pressure you may feel to blog every day, and offer alternatives for creating a blogging schedule that will work for you.



#5  Identify Blog Writers

  • As part of your blog strategy, you need to decide on the primary and contributing writers… and where you will find them.

  • You may even benefit from using guest bloggers.

  • These resources will help:

  • In her article, How to Find Great Content Writers for Your Website……Kristi Hines nails it with her priceless advice on paying for quality content.

  • You don’t want just any writer—you want someone who can write authoritative content for your industry,” she says

  • Writers are the soul of your blog.

  • Once you find your writers, whether they’re paid or not, you must keep them motivated to ensure the longevity and success of your blog.

  • In Heidi Cohen’s article….. How to Keep Bloggers Engaged , she explains that writing is hard work and that it takes motivation to continually produce new content.

  • She advises NOT to forget to recognize and appreciate your writers.



#6  Create an Editorial Calendar

  • Developing an editorial calendar is a strategic exercise that will significantly impact your business blog.

  • The following resources explain what an editorial calendar is and how to create one.

  • An editorial calendar is a virtual to-do list,” says Angela Stringfellow on Unbounce. “It helps you be accountable to dates and concepts.” 

  • In Angela’s article….[How to] Build a Successful Editorial Calendar for Your Blog she says that all bloggers should develop and maintain an editorial calendar to efficiently maintain their content strategy.

  • It’s important for a blog to have focus says  Stan Smith of Pushing Social and an editorial or content calendar can keep you on-message and on-objective throughout the year.

  • He offers some great tips for brainstorming and coming up with good article ideas to add to your content queue in his article…..How to Build a Blog Editorial Calendar Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start




#7  Develop Your Blog’s Brand

  • Perception is everything!

  • How your blog comes across to readers—design, colors, style, etc.—can make or break its chances of success.

  • This article gives insights into important elements you should be looking at for branding purposes…..

  • Kartik Bohra shares brilliant tips about branding your blog and establishing yourself or your business as a key player in your space in her article…..6 Effective Tips to Brand Your Blog Like QuickSprout




#8  Write

  • As long as you write compelling and engaging content, your readers will keep coming back.

  • Whether you’ve been writing for years or are starting for the first time, these resources will help you amp up your blogging skills.

  • Rachel Sprung from HubSpot provides a simple formula for crafting each post you write in her article….How to Write a Blog Post

  • She even offers bonus ideas for more advanced bloggers.




#9   Market Your Blog

  • After you hit Publish on your business blog, there’s still a lot more work to do.

  • You’ll want to distribute and share it with as wide an audience as possible.

  • Check out all of the ways you can share your content in the articles below:

  • 35 Ways to Market Your Blog:

  • Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, provides a useful list of 35 common and not-so-common methods of promoting your business blog.

  • 5 Creative Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts:

  • For more detailed concepts, check out Kimberly Reynolds‘ post on unique ways to drive traffic to your blog.



#10   Measure Success

  • No matter what the topic, industry or purpose of your blog, you need to know whether your blog is being read and if your efforts are paying off.

  • Here’s what you need to know to come up with a statistical measure of the things that are most relevant to your blogging goals.

  • How to Match 10 Key Success Metrics to Your Blogging Strategy:

  • All business bloggers need to read this.

  •  Jay Baer of Convince & Convert explains the many measures you can use to gauge your blog’s success.

  • Whether you’re blogging for traffic, conversion or community, Jay points out exactly what metrics you should be track.





A blog can help you extend your reach, while giving you a platform to share your expertise.





The most important step for starting a business blog… is to get started.







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