How To Be More Creative With Your Blog Posts

Be More Creative With Your Blog Posts








The truth about your creativity is that your creative energy is a precious resource.



Don’t waste it.



Let’s get real for a moment…..



Do you ever wonder how you can stand out in this endless ocean of online noise?





“We all know that creativity helps bloggers – and artists and brands – to be different, to draw attention, and to get their messages heard”……says Henneke




Creativity,  is an ability to see unexpected connections, to generate new solutions, to imagine.



We are all born to be creative.



If you are the world’s leading authority in your niche and you share your knowledge on your blog, you stand out automatically.









Like Henneke, says….If your knowledge isn’t outstanding, super-special, and sought-after, then you need to be creative to get your message heard.

  • You need to develop a different voice, a new style, or a fresh perspective on the same knowledge hundreds of other bloggers are sharing.
  •  You have to find your inner child’s creativity, curiosity, and willingness to explore and experiment.
  •  You need to be unafraid to make mistakes, unafraid to fail.



You can make your blog posts more interesting, more appealing, more fascinating by adding a dash of the creativity” that’s hiding inside you…..and thatdash of creativity” is what will make your work stand out in a sea of regurgitated content.



When you play it safe, you become the same as everyone else, and your voice gets drowned out by all the overwhelming noise on the web.



To write creative blog posts you need to find new dots you can connect.

  • Learn something outside your comfort zone.
  • Experience something new.
  • Read a book completely outside your field of expertise.




Remember playing when you were a kid?



When you weren’t afraid to make mistakes?



When bad drawings were funny?



When your fantasy had no limits?



Allow yourself to play again.



Reignite your sense of fun.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. This is awesome. It’s as if you wrote this for me, Joan. I’m trying to ake my blog different than others, and I’ve been experimenting with content, trying to find what works best. As a result I am able to stray from the norm, and just be me. Thanks!

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