How To Cut Through The Network Marketing “Fluff”

Find Out What Will Really Work For You, By Cutting Out All The Network Marketing “Fluff”








How do you cut through the “fluff” and find the advice that really makes a difference to your business – the practical steps you need to take that will lead to the results you’re after.







Here are the practical steps you need by  Peter Sandeen, (guest post, Firepole





The sad fact is that most people don’t really apply and follow through with the advice they get.



Not even when they can see it would help them.



Most network marketing advice is about tactics.

  • If you’re on a few marketing “experts” email lists, you see a new “How to build a successful blog,” “The 5 Twitter tips you must use,” or “The ultimate guide to getting more traffic” drop into your inbox every few minutes.
  • All those tips about marketing tactics are pretty much nothing more than a distraction if you don’t already have a solid marketing strategy.




“Focusing on tips on marketing tactics (e.g., social media, blogging, email marketing, SEO) before you have a solid internet marketing strategy is like sawing curtains when you haven’t built the house yet”……says Peter.



Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and plusses at Google+ are worthless if you don’t have a strategy that converts the people into customers.



The same goes with blogging, which can be a total waste of your time if you don’t do it strategically.



Advertising isn’t just a waste of time, but a waste of your money, too, if you don’t have a solid strategy around it.










You need a solid marketing strategy first.





You need to start from the beginning….”The Baby Steps of Effective Marketing”

  • Effective marketing is always based on a solid strategy.
  • There are some “fundamental” steps you need to take before you can build a strong strategy.
  • First, clarify your value proposition – what are the best reasons your target customers have for paying attention to you, joining your list, and buying your products.
  • You must be clear about what you want to achieve and what kind of a business you want to build.
  • You might need to get clearer about who your target customers are and/or change your products and services to better match what people want.

The core of the process is to first clearly understand why people should do what you want them to do.

  • You can focus all your efforts to making people notice those reasons which make them as likely as possible to buy what you sell.




Find a Way of Thinking That Makes Sense to You

  • You need to find a process that makes sense to you and follow through with it.
  • When you see a process you understand and believe in, take the first step.
  • Ask for help with it if you need to.
  • Just don’t postpone the fundamental steps and creating a clear marketing strategy because it isn’t fun or easy.
  • You’ll struggle to make any marketing tactic create results until you have the strategy in place.
  • If clarifying your value proposition seems like a natural place to start for you, try this quick 5-step system for finding the core of your value proposition.
  • If some other way of thinking of marketing strategy makes more sense to you, go for it.
  • Just get it done.





Maybe you haven’t known where to start or have forgotten to take the plunge.




When you have a clear, strong marketing strategy, all the network marketing advice you come across will make a lot more sense because you can see how it fits into your own strategy.




And you can skip the 95% of ideas that don’t fit your strategy




Have you wasted time and/or money trying out more and more tactics without a strategy or before even taking the fundamental steps?











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  1. Hello Joan,

    Thanks for doing this post here, some of the stuff your see out there is a distraction and I agree you need to be focused on your strategy to best generate sales. Appreciate the tips!


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