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What You Need To Know To Defining Your Target Audience




First of all you need to stop thinking your “target audience/market” and start thinking your“customer profile”, which implies ONE person — the ONE person you exist to serve with your product or service.


You really don’t want to be lots of things to lots of people. You want to be something inspirational to the RIGHT person — the ONE person. And if you inspire that ONE person and enough numbers of that ONE person, then you will dominate that niche.


To help you understand why it is important that you pick your ONE person, Danny Ivy, Firepolemarketing explains in more detail:

What does that mean for you when picking your ONE person, which is your target audience?

  • It means you need to get inside their heads.
  • You need to understand, not just who they are and what they want, but how they feel and think.
  • When you do that for a single person instead of a type or a group, you’ll discover that your single person — your one ideal customer — is actually many people.
  • And thanks to the Internet, all those people — the thousands of people who are your one ideal customer — will be able to find you.
  • What’s more, once those people find you, the others will too.
  • As your business grows, you’ll naturally draw plenty of people who aren’t exactly your ideal customer, but they’re close.
  • They’re friends with your ideal customer, or they’re similar in some way, or they see how much your ideal person benefits from what you offer, so they want it too.


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”-Peter F. Drucker


Speaking to the ONE person means you’ll never describe your audience as being: “women, 27-39, single, educated, income of over $40,000 and who like eating chocolate” ever again. From now on, it’s “Jane. 30 years old. Bachelor’s degree in the Arts. Works in an account management job she doesn’t like and is currently scoping out a new career. Thinking about getting a Masters degree. Single, having recently dumped a loser boyfriend. Has lots of friends she hangs with watching ‘Sex in the City’ and eating expensive ice cream. She drives a Honda, works out three times a week and goes to the spa about once a month.”says Peter Vogopoulos (a marketing and business coach, university lecturer and co-founder of Firepole Marketing).

Doesn’t Jane suddenly seem like a real person? Isn’t it a lot easier to know what to say to her?



Bottom line is this.…You have to be a business that inspires that ONE person. Then, your message and consistency will inspire a whole bunch of others who either (a) feel affinity with that ONE person, (b) aspire to be that ONE person, or (c) admire what that ONE person represents — and then these people will ALSO become your clients. So quit worrying about shutting everyone else out if you talk to the ONE person. You won’t. If anything, you will attract loads more people inspired by your precise and clear brand.


Here is how it works when you speak to that ONE person: 

  • Heather is a 26-year old single, female, solo entrepreneur with a graphic design business. She completed a graphic design degree at the local college. She is an expert designer, quite tech-savvy, but still learning the ropes when it comes to being an entrepreneur. She’s energetic and spunky, however, and her energy and charisma usually land her the gigs. She makes about $37,000 a year, but wants that to go over $45,000 next year. She dreams of being able to charge top dollar for her work eventually, but for now she knows she needs to develop her portfolio and to systemize her business a bit better. She’s very worried that she’ll always be fighting to fill the pipeline with new clients. She works from her home office, the second bedroom of a condo she bought a couple of years ago. She works out at the gym three times a week to stay in shape, she used to be an athlete in high school. When she is not working, she enjoys go out to clubs with her friends and travelling.


Now that you’ve defined Heather, everything you do, every blog post, every piece of marketing, every product, every branding decision should be examined through Heather’s eyes. Will Heather like this? If the answer is yes, you are successfully sticking to your brand identity and talking to the right person. And she will recognize that and reward you with her business.


It’s time to define YOUR one person!


Think about your ONE person. The one who you were thinking of when you started your business. The one for whom you developed your product or service.


To help you to get crystal clear on every detail about your one person…..CLICK HERE to access your customer profile template


Have you defined your ONE person yet?



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