How To Deliver A Fantastic First Impression

Deliver A Fantastic First Impression With Your Blog/Website







Now, do yourself a favor and go click over to your website or blog right now.



Are you able, even for a moment, to take an objective look at what your site is communicating non-verbally?

  • Does the design look like it was created by a design professional, or an enthusiastic (but maybe not too talented) amateur?
  • Is it instantly apparent where the reader’s eye should go first?
  • Is the text easy to read, or does the reader need to squint?
  • Does the site give the confidence that you can solve your customer’s problems?
  • If you were a stranger here, would you trust this business to be competent, capable, and trustworthy?




Your website’s design says a lot.



Your site is judged instantly based on how it looks.






Let’s look at some common business-damaging design mistakes and how you can quickly make them better from Sonia Simone of Copyblogger.



Is your text readable?

  • Text that’s hard to read will suppress your conversion, social shares, traffic, and success
  • Here are some important improvements you can make to your site readability:
  • Bump your font size up. How big will depend on the typeface you choose, but 14 pt is a good starting point.
  • Don’t use 20 different typefaces all over your site. Choose one for your headers/subheaders and one for your body text.
  • Links should be underlined. Designers love to play with more attractive ways of indicating links — sadly, none of them is as clear to the reader as underlined text is.
  • When you’re writing content, break it up into fairly short paragraphs.
  • Content that’s formatted to be reader-friendly is content that will get shared more freely.



Does your reader know where to look?

  • What is that one element on your page that stands out and lets the reader know, without question, what you want her/him to do next?
  • For most content-supported businesses, building an email list is the most important objective of most public-facing content.
  • That means there must be a highly visible, unambiguous call to action to join your email list on most if not all pages on your site.
  • Every individual page on your site must communicate precisely what the reader should do next.



Is your design professional?

  • If you designed your site yourself and you aren’t a design professional — it probably looks bad.
  • I know that’s hard to hear!
  • Someone’s got to be straight with you.
  • Yes, there are some designer “tricks” you can learn to make things better.
  • Instead of trying to reproduce those skills in an afternoon, start with something created by a solid design pro.
  • Then, if you really want to, tweak that, either yourself or by contracting with a design professional of your own.




The look and feel of your site will communicate your professionalism and expertise.



And that’s a priceless improvement to your content’s effectiveness.





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