What Is That Determining Factor For Facebook Fan Page Success?

Do You Know What That “Secret Sauce” Is For A More Successful Fan Page?













Engagement is that “Secret Sauce” that determines the success or failure of your page.




Without engagement you don’t really have a Facebook page — you just have some images & text on a screen.




Here are 5 ways to get more engagement on your Facebook Fan Page, by Scott Ayres, PostPlanner.…..Enjoy!




1.  Post Fresh Content Daily

  • This is common sense — the pages with the most engagement interact with fans daily — by posting daily.



2.  Space Your Posts Out

  • No one wants to get bombarded by a page (or a person) with 6 posts in an hour.
  • Instead try spacing those 6 posts out over 24 hrs — 1 every 4 hrs, for example — to get more engagement.



3.  Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

  • No one expects you to sit on Facebook waiting to click the “Post” button all day every day!
  • Instead make sure you have at least one post scheduled for every day of the week — either using Facebook’s scheduling feature for your page or use an app like PlatinumPoster.




4.  Ask Questions

  • Asking questions of your fans is a great way to get them commenting & involved in your community.



5.  Post Engaging Content

  • People want to be informed & entertained while on Facebook — so don’t bore them.
  • When you post pictures on Facebook, they take up more space in the news feed — and thus get more engagement.






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0 Replies to “What Is That Determining Factor For Facebook Fan Page Success?”

  1. I saw your post in the Facebook group, SEO, Blogging and Social Media.

    You make some good points Joan… engagement is everything, and I know I am guilty of not doing enough of it.

    I am reminded of how important it is for me to acknowledge the other person when they take the time to answer a question or make a comment on my Facebook business page. The person just wants to know that they matter and that their participation is appreciated.

    Thank You,

    John Engle

  2. Very true and practical advise Joan, It is all about engaging with the person who took to time to write on the post. It is a way to express appreciation and motivates them to do it again. I will check the link to Platinum poster to keep another good tip: to space them out. A valuable post to challenge us to evaluate our page effectiveness. One thing I have found is that videos, even short ones are not as viewed as the photos. It pays to consider our fans preferences. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. Thank you Delmy for your awesome comment!!! Much appreciated!! Glad you enjoyed and found value!! Have a great weekend!

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