What Is That Determining Factor For Facebook Fan Page Success?

Do You Know What That “Secret Sauce” Is For A More Successful Fan Page?













Engagement is that “Secret Sauce” that determines the success or failure of your page.




Without engagement you don’t really have a Facebook page — you just have some images & text on a screen.




Here are 5 ways to get more engagement on your Facebook Fan Page, by Scott Ayres, PostPlanner.…..Enjoy!




1.  Post Fresh Content Daily

  • This is common sense — the pages with the most engagement interact with fans daily — by posting daily.



2.  Space Your Posts Out

  • No one wants to get bombarded by a page (or a person) with 6 posts in an hour.
  • Instead try spacing those 6 posts out over 24 hrs — 1 every 4 hrs, for example — to get more engagement.



3.  Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

  • No one expects you to sit on Facebook waiting to click the “Post” button all day every day!
  • Instead make sure you have at least one post scheduled for every day of the week — either using Facebook’s scheduling feature for your page or use an app like PlatinumPoster.




4.  Ask Questions

  • Asking questions of your fans is a great way to get them commenting & involved in your community.



5.  Post Engaging Content

  • People want to be informed & entertained while on Facebook — so don’t bore them.
  • When you post pictures on Facebook, they take up more space in the news feed — and thus get more engagement.






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