How To Develop a More Powerful REACH





You may not realize it, but you have a REACH that can help your business.

It is your ability to Influence people and touch them with your message and products.

It can also be on social media, mobile, offline, or any other place that you are present at and it is one of the most powerful things in our profession.

If you know the secrets, you will be stunned at what it can do for your home business.


Many people in the home business and network marketing profession do not know that power is in their REACH.


increaseinfluence2Here are the 5 most powerful tips on developing a more powerful REACH and Influence in your market from Doug Firebaugh,


  • A secret to increasing your REACH is to recognize people for what they have done and who they are.
  • Keep the spotlight on them in social media, nor you.
  • Forward, comment and feature in posts content and ideas of others.
  • This will increase your REACH.


  • When you have the chance, make everyday a day to encourage those that need it.
  • Also encourage those that are trying to make something happen.
  • It will sow seeds that will produce a harvest of influence over time.
  • Especially in social media


  • Attend the webinars and other events that you can.
  • Network the events.
  • And make new friends and keep in touch with them and let them know they had a great event and tell others about it as well.


  • After meeting new friends, it is critical that you communicate to them.
  • And when you do, make it powerful and uplifting.
  • They will draw towards you.

5.  HELP.

  • When you can, help everyone you can.
  • That alone will create some amazing dynamics and will accelerate your REACH dramatically.



You may be thinking that you do not have much of a REACH in the marketplace. but you actually do, it just may not be where you need it to be.

These 5 tips can help you figure out where it does need to be.


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Joan, it is so true was don’t take the time to think about the reach we have. Your five tips are great. By combining all five tips it is amazing the impact we have on others. As I move fourth in my business I will keep the power for REACH in my mind.

    Wishing you productivity and prosperity,


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