Discover The 6 Questions That a Smart Blogger Ask Their Readers

Do You Know The 6 Most Important Questions That a Smart Blogger Must Ask Their Readers To Unlock What They REALLY Want To Read?









The secret to creating a blog that gets traffic, readers and makes money is to write content that is relevant, stands out, entertains and matters to people.





“The primary reason blogs fail isn’t because their content is bad or their keywords are poorly optimized or popular bloggers are ignoring them. It’s because they are publishing what they want to say and not thinking for a moment about what anyone wants to read.”
– Jon Morrow,




Why waste time writing content nobody reads?



So why do it?


Because someone, more than likely an expert , told you that it would work, right?

  • Writing content is what gets you traffic, readers and subscribers and makes you money.
  • Content is what gets you noticed and linked to by influential bloggers and catapaulted into the limelight.





Here’s a wake-up call for you…….

Your readers don’t want your content.





You think that because your content is great people will want to read it…….Think again.




What your readers want are answers that will get them the outcomes they want.

  • The only reason they will visit, read, click, share and ultimately buy your products or services is because they think you will give them the resources, steps, techniques and advice that will ultimately give them what they really want.
  • Before you sit down to write, you have to know what your readers are thinking so that you can create content that seems to be speaking directly to their thoughts.
  • You have to become intimate with their dreams, their hopes, fears, insecurities, frustrations, disappointments and emotions.



When you give your readers exactly what they want to read magic happens.

  • Your content not only becomes relevant, entertaining, stands out and matters.
  • It becomes remarkable.
  • Your email list grows.
  • Your traffic increases.
  • You get recognised in your field.
  • You make a difference in people’s lives.




So,  how do you get to know your readers so well?




 You could guess…………

But you probably already know that doesn’t work very well.






It all starts with ASKING your readers what they want.





Asking them questions that help them give you the best information so you can work your magic and get results you want.




Here are 6 of the best questions, the questions smart bloggers ask their readers from Tom Southern, a very SMART blogger……





Question #1: “What are you struggling with when it comes to [insert
possible struggle]?”

  • If you’re wondering what kind of information products to create, or what to tackle in your blog posts, this question will help you figure out what’s bugging your readers.
  • Solve these problems with your content and you’re on your way to getting your readers “great content” vote.
  • The answers you get to this question will give you the number one reason someone has signed up to your email list and why they’re reading your blog.
  • Desire to overcome this struggle is a major driving force for your readers.
  • You need to give them a solution.
  • This question will help you create a firm basis for building great relationships with your readers as well writing content they’ll think is great.



Question #2: “What level are you at in X (newbie, intermediate, experienced, etc.)?

  • Asking your readers where they’re at, in terms of your blog topic, will help you figure out how much handholding you need to provide and what kinds of blog posts will fare best with your readers.
  • Let’s say you run a blog on home repair.
  • You ask your survey respondents how experienced they are in DIY home projects and discover that the majority of them are at an intermediate level.
  • Now you know you don’t need to explain basic terms, and can post more sophisticated DIY projects instead of sticking to basic how-tos.



Question #3: “What’s missing out there? What information/advice/ product/service do you wish someone would deliver?”

  • Another way to ask this question is this:
  • “What topics related to [your niche] do you feel are most needed right now? Is there anything you don’t see covered enough?”
  • This is a simple but oh so genius question to ask because you’re finding out what your readers have been buying or trying out before and hasn’t worked for them.
  • It also gives you insight into how to set yourself apart from all the other “experts” out there.
  • By finding out what’s missing, or not working, from their content, you’ll be able to “fill in the gaps” and position yourself as the one who has the answers no one has.
  • Do you think your readers will give your content their “great writing” vote in response?
  • It’s a good bet, don’t you think.



Question #4: “How do you prefer to learn (watching, listening, reading, doing, other)?”

  • You need to know if your readers prefer reading content, if they prefer videos, or podcasts – or if they want some sort of e-course or mentoring that includes assignments and accountability.
  • You’ll discover how asking how your readers learn best will help you focus your efforts where they’re most effective.



Question #5: What frustrates you most about [topic/industry/niche]?

  • It’s a great question because it gives your readers a chance to vent their frustrations and get it all off their chest.
  • You get to hear what their problems are and you get insight into what solutions to offer and create to take their frustrations away.
  • Nothing lets you give your readers the impression that you’ve mastered the art of reading their minds than writing content that speaks directly to their frustrations.
  • Nothing lets you write content that gets readers thinking, “My God! That’s exactly how I feel.”



Question #6: What is your ultimate goal for reading [name of your
blog]/signing up to my email list?

  • A genius question because it gives you insights into why people are reading your content, either on your blog or via your email list.
  • This is good to know because you’ll discover what it is about you and your message that attracts them.
  • After all, there are over 160 million other blogs they could be reading.
  • So why did they pick yours?
  • It’s information you really ought to find out and take notice of, don’t you think?
  • Secondly, it gives you powerful insights into what you need to do; what you need to give your readers, if you want to keep them and ultimately get them to buy your products and services.
  • These answers: Why and What are vital information.
  • You don’t want to get to the point where you’re launching your product or service only to find it’s not what your readers were hoping to get from you.





These 6 genius questions will take out all the guesswork and reveal a treasure trove of valuable information about your reader’s wants and needs.





So, how do you turn your readers answers into content they love?

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Your respondents are giving you ideas on what they really want.
  • Don’t throw away responses because they don’t fit in with your preconceived notion of what your readers need.
  • If you want to become a smart blogger, you know, a blogger with readers who can’t wait to read and share your content, ASK YOUR READERS WHAT THEY WANT TO READ.





Are You Ready to Discover What Your Readers REALLY Want?




All you need to do is start now by following the steps below:

  • Open your email list account.
  • Write a follow-up email to them asking them ONE of the 6  Questions above.
  • One that best fits with what you want to know about your readers.
  • If you’re not sure, ask them Genius Question #1 first.
  • In this same email end by saying how much you want to hear back from them with their answer.
  • Then make sure that when they respond, you’re ready to reply with some terrific answer.
  • Follow up.
  • Email them again a week or two later and ask how they’re getting on with putting your answer into play for them.
  • Has your answer helped or not?
  • How about offering some further help too?





If you really want to know what’s going on inside people’s heads, there’s only one way to know for sure……..



















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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington









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  1. Thought provoking article, thanks. I’m bookmarking to go over again, to glean what I can apply. I don’t actually sell things from my blog. It isn’t set up to make money directly. I write fiction and the blog’s purpose is two fold, to give back to the writing community in informative articles that also entertain and to help build my brand. Of course, there’s some fun randomness thrown in.

  2. Excellent advice, Joan. Your statement about blogging content that is ‘relevant, stands out, entertains and matters to people’ is true. I must be doing something right because I have so many readers which have increased over two years of continual blogging.

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