Do You Know What To Say On Social Media?

Six Ideas for What to Say on Social Media








How To Start Conversations on Social Media






Have you ever wondered what to say on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ social media accounts?






Here are six ideas to help you start more conversations and keep your social media outlets fun and exciting by Tim Sales





Kick start your business on social media the “right way”





#1 – What Inspires You

  • Discuss what inspires you, share inspirational quotes and images



#2 – Share A Success Story

  • Sharing a success story can inspire your team members and give everyone a boost




# 3 – Share A Resource

  • Read a great article?

  • Share it!




# 4 – Share Something Funny

  • We are in the business to laugh and have fun, right?

  • Use a real life story or cartoon to lighten things up

  • Sharing something funny can make your team smile and be encouraging




# 5 – Brag On A Team Member

  • Sharing a little praise gives your team a little boost and shows success to new prospects



# 6- Products That Work

  • Share it!








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