Do You Know Your Unique Selling Proposition?

What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition?











How To Find Your Unique Selling Proposition






Coming up with a solid USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is one of the most important things any entrepreneur will ever do.








USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition”, also known as the “value proposition.









A USP answers the question: “Why should I choose to do business with you, over all the other choices I have, which includes the choice of doing nothing at all.” – Dan Kennedy




A USP tells what is unique about your brand or service

  • The key is to find what your unique selling proposition is and use in all of your marketing.
  • It should be benefit driven
  • Very specific and easy to understand
  • Find a way to integrate into your unique selling proposition the WHY you do what you do, and the WHAT you believe.





It is very helpful to have a Tag Line, A “Call Out” on exactly what your business does so when “new” people land on your page, there will be no way they can get confused on what your company represents and will know exactly what they are “liking”……says Adam of





I hope this helped you understand some basic concepts from how to craft your USP.






Here is an exercise to help you to ignite the process up with your own USP.







To help you discover what your own USP is, ask yourself these 6 questions and be sure to write down all the answers…..


1.   Why do I do what I do? What do I believe in?

2.   What sets apart my brand or service from my competitors?

3.   What benefits does my product or service offer that my competitors don’t?

4.   Which of these benefits does my market want the most?  How do I uniquely deliver them?

5.   What transformational value do I offer?

6.  What moves me?  What’s my mission?





Don’t think to hard about it…..just write what comes to you after you ask yourself the 6 questions.



Now start piecing all the info you wrote down together and start crafting your own USP.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington





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