Do You Struggle With Landing Pages Not Converting?

Are You Struggling With Your Landing Pages Not Converting?



When it comes to landing pages your prospects NEED to feel a certain level of comfort before they convert.




Think of these “areas of discomfort” as roadblocks in your prospect’s journey through your landing page.


These roadblocks are what stop your prospects from becoming leads.


They build up invisible walls between you and your audience making it impossible for you to form a connection with them, ultimately leading to them hitting the back button.



Here are the 6 roadblocks (as explained by  Joe Rinaldi , IMPACT)  to why your landing pages are not converting, and how you can put your prospects’ minds at ease with the remedies that follow:


Roadblock 1: Confusion

  • Making a form hard to find, A page that has copy that isn’t clear or has too much jargon, these are the types of elements that cause confusion.
  • The second a person thinks your page is confusing you’re going to start losing conversions.
  • How Do You Overcome Confusion?
  • Combat confusion with clarity.
  • Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your audience is able to clearly understand your message:
  • Write clear and simple headlines
  • Align your CTA and landing page
  • When creating a CTA keep the page you’re linking to in mind.
  • The text and imagery you use in your CTA should align with your landing page
  • Avoid Industry Jargon
  • Keep your language simple and avoid any industry jargon or empty blanket statements.
  • Make sure you give them something helpful and speak to their pain points.


Roadblock 2: Distraction

  • When creating your landing page it’s easy to go overboard by adding unnecessary elements to the page.
  • You’re trying to help people get as much information as possible, but at a certain point it becomes too much.
  • How Do You Overcome Distraction?
  • The key to overcoming distraction is FOCUS
  • Focus on your message.
  • Keep your page simple with just the essentials on it.
  • Review every section on your page


Roadblock 3: Apathy

  • Imagine someone who arrives on your landing page and their only reaction is a blank stare.
  • No impressed look, no intrigue, just apathy.
  • People who feel apathetic while on your landing page don’t feel a sense of urgency to fill out a form and in turn aren’t feeling a connection to your brand in general.
  • How Do You Overcome Apathy?
  • At no point in your visitor’s journey should they feel apathetic.
  • Overcome any feeling of apathy your visitors might experience by making sure nothing begins to feel optional or less urgent.
  • Speak to your visitors needs and be specific
  • Your offer isn’t going to be for everyone but keep your targeted audience’s attention.



Roadblock 4: Boredom

  • You’re not going to bore anyone into converting on your landing page.
  • If you can’t keep people’s attention or get them right to the point they become bored.
  • How Do You Overcome Boredom?
  • Remember you’re talking to another human being, so don’t be afraid to introduce a little of your charming personality.
  • Make sure you also keep your landing page “skimmer friendly.”
  • People don’t want to read huge chunks of writing, instead they’d like to get the gist of a page and move on from there.
  • Write your copy with short paragraphs, noticeable headers, and short bulleted lists.


Roadblock 5: Friction

  • Friction is why people are hesitant to convert and it can stem from even the most subtle details on your site.
  • How Do You Overcome Friction?
  • The best way to reduce friction on a site is to imply that you are going to give them what they are looking for with ease.
  • You can easily work this mentality into your copy by using words such as “shortcuts, checklist, templates, or cheat sheets.”
  • You also need to address the “What if” that is always lingering in the back of a visitor’s mind.
  • “What if I don’t have the time for this”
  • “What if I don’t like it”
  • “What if I can figure out how to use this”
  • Introduce safety nets into your content.
  • Terms like “cancel anytime, try before you buy, no obligation” help to give readers a peace of mind and entice them to convert.


Roadblock 6: Lack of Trust

  • Between credit card fraud and viruses, the internet can be a worrisome place for some people, so it’s should come as no surprise that they often need to trust a brand or company before surrendering their personal contact information in a form.
  • How Do You Overcome a Lack of Trust?
  • Before we can gain a user’s trust, they need to like us and be sold on our brand.
  • Speak to your visitors casually and conversationally instead of like a Marketer.
  • Remind them that there’s a person on the other end of the computer.
  • The key to building trust is to develop a pathological empathy for you customer. In other words, understand how they feel and look at things from their point of view”..….says author Ann Handley
  • Include elements that serve as proof.
  • Testimonials and social proof are great ways to put users’ minds at easy.
  • They’ll love to see that someone else like them has found value from your product.




What should you do next?

Review your landing pages and decide what’s necessary and what’s fluff (i.e. remove unnecessary content, graphics that serve no purpose, etc.) From there, review the content you’ve decided to keep and make sure the tone matches your brand. This will give you a good foundation to build off of and start optimizing.



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