Do You Want Radically More Subscribers?

Well, do you want more subscribers or not?





Then your blog NEEDS to answer the following 3 questions so you will get more subscribers





Ok, so you are doing everything you have been told……You’re publishing great content, you’re staying on top of SEO, and you’re all over social media. And you are even keeping in contact with other bloggers in the hope they’ll get behind your blog.


But, sadly, your readership still isn’t where you want it to be.  And your dream of working from home, reaching financial freedom, and changing the world in the process seems to be as far away as the day you wrote your first post.


“The problem is, even though you’re getting some traffic to your blog, people aren’t subscribing to it. And if they don’t subscribe, they don’t come back”……..says Peter Sandeen


Do you know how well your blog converts visitors to subscribers?



If you are unsure and you are technically challenged to try and figure it out yourself, then you need to focus on addressing these 3 simple questions that visitors subconsciously ask themselves when they land on an unfamiliar blog.


If you can get people to answer “yes” to the following 3 questions in the right order, they will want to subscribe to your blog and your conversions will increase easily 🙂 


Question #1: “Is This Relevant to Me?”

  • People automatically (and often unconsciously) ask and answer this question within three seconds of landing on your site.
  • And a key part of deciding whether your blog is relevant to them is working out what it’s about.
  • If people don’t immediately understand what a blog is about, they click the “back” button, so why would they waste time trying to figure out yours?
  • Right now you might be thinking, “It’s totally clear what my blog is about, and obviously the right people will feel it’s relevant.”
  • But in reality, most blogs don’t accomplish either the clarity or the relevance they need.
  • The most common mistake bloggers make is to be too vague.
  • Here are four things you can check when making sure your blog answers this first question:
  • Does your blog’s name help people understand what it’s about?
  • Does your blog’s tagline clearly explain the topic?
  • Are your blog posts obviously related to your blog’s specific topic?
  • Do other elements clarify your topic or confuse it?
  • When visitors understand what your blog is about and feel it’s relevant to them, they move on to their next question…..


Question #2: “Is This Valuable to Me?”

  • After the first few seconds simply weighing up your blog, most readers start to pay attention to your content.
  • More specifically, they look for content they think is valuable enough to be worth their time to read.
  • Here are 5 ways to make your content irresistible:
  • Go into more detail than other bloggers.
  • Focus on actionable advice. Include steps for readers to follow and remember that even if something is easy for you it won’t be for others.
  • Show testimonials from subscribers. Testimonials aren’t useful only when you’re trying to sell a product or service. They’re just as useful when you’re selling people on an idea – like subscribing to your blog.
  • Spell out the benefits. Do you plainly and clearly tell visitors what they can get from your content? Do you tell them the outcomes you can help them achieve? If not, consider adding a list of the benefits of reading your blog to your sidebar.
  • Give people a reason to keep reading.


Question #3: “Can I Trust This?”

  • Some blogs are written by smart people with knowledge of their topics, but many are written by individuals with little understanding of what they’re writing about.
  • So when people find a new blog, they wonder if they can trust the author.
  • And in most cases they don’t see a good enough reason to trust the information, so they leave.
  • Here’s a surprise – even formal credentials and experience aren’t always enough to establish trust.
  • Education and experience might be enough to land you a job interview, but when it comes to making online readers trust you, you need to focus on other factors.
  • Because once a visitor has internally nodded “yes” to the first two questions, they’ll start wondering if they can trust you and your information.
  • Your entire blog should assert your authority on your topic.
  • Here are 3 ways to make people trust you enough to subscribe:
  • Show endorsements from other topic experts. One of the simplest ways to make sure every page on your blog gives people a reason to trust you is to add endorsements to your sidebar.
  • Explain your experience.
  • Putting an “about the author” description in your sidebar or at the end of your posts lets you tell people why your experience means you can be trusted.
  • Help people understand your unique “method.” Being knowledgeable about your topic is one thing, but if people can see you have a distinctive underlying method or approach to it, too, then that adds significant credibility.



What stands between you and a “conversion optimized” blog is not a bunch of complex tools and tests, but three simple questions:

  • Is This Relevant to Me?
  • Is This Valuable to Me?
  • Can I Trust This?



It takes just seconds to change a tagline. Mere minutes to add an endorsement to your sidebar.  But even a small change can have an enormous effect.



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