Do You Want To Build An Engaged Audience?

Do You Know How To Build An Engaged Audience?










How You Can Build An Engaged Audience





It all comes down to a word that some people simply hate to hear:  EFFORT.



You need to do the work.



You can’t sign up for a few social networks and have people magically flock to your site because you are that special.



If you want to build an engaged audience, you will have to put in the effort and time.



You will have to engage others yourself.



You will need to do the work!







Today, I am going to share Steve Scott‘s 12-step program for building an engaged audience.







1. Have a Game Plan

  • You are not going to achieve success without an idea of what your goals and plans are.
  • Set milestones, make goals and list the ways in which you are going to reach those goals.



2. Be a “Real” Person

  • Be yourself and keep it real!



3. Don’t Think About Yourself

  • You will have to reach out to people.
  • You will have to initiate and continue conversations.
  • An engaged audience consists of your friends, and you don’t gain friends with “I did X,Y,Z.”
  • You gain friends by having people you enjoy being around and talking too.



4. Get Out There and Find Others

  • No matter how specific or strange your viewpoints, there are likely thousands of people who will rabidly agree with you.
  • Your engaged audience will consist of people with similar interests to you.



5. Be Everywhere

  • A lot of audience-building success is about reaching critical mass.
  • You can really bombard your niche with guest posts if you are willing to put in the effort.



6. Always Reply

  • If you want an engaged audience, the only way you are going to get one is to engage them.
  • That means that if someone takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment, you damn well better take the time to at least acknowledge it!



7. Be Likeable

  • People will really become engaged with you, not just your content.
  • How you do this is all about personal style.
  • You can be funny, honest, personal  and knowledgeable.



8. Work on Content

  • You can spice up your content by packaging it in different ways.
  • Here are a few of the “types” of articles that people respond to:
  • Ask Questions
  • Lists
  • Funny
  • Actionable
  • Heartfelt
  • These all fall under the category of link-bait.
  • These are the types of articles that people naturally want to comment, tweet and share with others.



9. Social Media: Be a Master; not a “Jack of all Trades”

  • It is far better to spend your time creating a strong presence on one social network.
  • Really connecting with people, and becoming a thought leader rather than just another person blasting out personal links.



10. Be a Content Curator

  • Tweet and link others people’s quality work.
  • Use social media as a vehicle to both praise and promote others as well as yourself.



11. Find a Tribe/Community

  • These are groups of people that try to help each other get noticed and promoted.
  • Having a group of people “in your corner” who can act as sounding boards, sanity checks and general help in sending out your message can only be a positive thing.



12. Gain Feedback and Adjust Your Plans Accordingly

  • Over time you must get feedback on what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Measure your results.
  • You will need to do this for yourself.
  • To see if ANY step or idea works you need to give it real try and see if it works for YOU.
  • If something does not work for you over a long time frame you need to try a different approach and then begin to measure those results.



This will lead you right back to step 1: “Creating A New Plan”.



After that it is just a matter of constant refining as you continue to grow and engage your audience.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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