Does Your Content Engage The Right Audience?

Engaging the right audience with your content……What you need to know to ensure that you are.





Do you ever think that your writing is good enough to make your readers trust you and buy from you?


How do you know?


First, you will need to evaluate your own content.


Here are the 3 types of business content as detailed by Henneke that you need to learn to ensure that your business content resonates with the right audience:

1. Cold business content

  • How do you know whether your content is cold?
  • Look for the following signs:
  • When removing your branding, your content could be published on a competitor site; nobody would know it was written by you
  • When reading your content aloud, it doesn’t sound like a conversation; it doesn’t sound like you
  • How to add warmth to cold content:
  • Imagine having a conversation with your favorite customer and re-write your content like you’d talk with them
  • Embrace your quirks, and add a touch of humor


2. Clever clogs content

  • Some business content is so creative, that its purpose is lost.
  • But how do you know your content is too creative?
  • Web visitors don’t know where to go when they arrive at your home page, or even worse: they can’t see what you do at a glance
  • Your sales pages look fantastic, but readers don’t understand what you offer; you focus on features rather than benefits
  • Your blog design is beautiful, but your content doesn’t help your readers
  • How to put your readers first:
  • Don’t be afraid to use standard terms; a copywriter is a copywriter, not a word nerd solving wordy problems
  • Stop publishing self-centered company news; instead, make every piece of content helpful and valuable to your readers
  • Put your readers first


3. Sweet Spot content

  • When your content hits the sweetspot, it appeals exactly to the right customers.
  • To create sweet spot content:
  • Know exactly who you want to target and how you can help
  • Never waste your audience’s time—make each piece of content valuable
  • Be yourself and let your personality shine through—being focused on your readers doesn’t mean you hide who you are
  • Don’t be afraid to push away the audience that’s not right for you, because it’ll bring you closer to your fans
  • Have a two-way conversation—speak with authority, but don’t forget to listen and to engage
  • Be open-minded—learn from your readers and clients




Good business writing starts with solid marketing


Understand who would love to buy from you, and know exactly why they’d buy.


Good business writers are authoritative, creative and warm-hearted….


They get personal, but they’re not afraid to talk business and they always put their readers first so they can subtly seduce their readers to get closer, to trust them and to eventually buy.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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21 Replies to “Does Your Content Engage The Right Audience?”

  1. Hi Joan,

    The one thing I don’t like to ever read is that cold content. It is just plain boring. We do have to write to people like we were talking to them in person.

    We do have to put our readers first. Give content, even a simple one for others to get thinking, have something that they can take away from our blog post and put in to action. It’s all about our readers, not us nor our products.

    Most of all I like the “sweet spot Content” because we can weed out those who are obviously not interested and appeal to our target audience.


    1. Hey Donna,
      Absolutely, cold content is never a good thing! Always readers first 🙂 Thanks for your awesome feedback and comments, always appreciated 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info about these 3 types of content. All too often I’ve seen the Clever Clog Content! I have run across these type of blog posts/articles and honestly, have no clue what they are talking about or trying to sell me. Usually I just move on. And if the website is so creatively made that I can’t figure it out, I never visit it again.
    I like to keep it simple and down to earth!

  3. This is such great information. I’m pinning it so I can reference it again and again. It’s just so important to know who your audience is, and why they are reading. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful tips Joan!

    The first two years of blogging I wasn’t sure who I was trying to reach. My previous sales and marketing experience helped me as far as knowing what formula to use for putting a post together. Like you said,d personalize it but with some business mixed in it.

    Once I figured out who my target audience was, things started falling into place…some three years later :).

    Thanks for the great tips that even seasoned bloggers like me can use. Hope you’re having a great week!


    1. Thank you Corina! Appreciate the awesome comment 🙂 Yes once you figure out who your target market is things definately fall into place!

  5. But I like “word nerd solving wordy problems” 🙂 I do get your point though. I’m going to start looking at my posts from the perspective of whether they could appear on any site or are they uniquely mine. I really like that tip. Thanks Joan.

    One point which isn’t related to posts themselves. I’m put off if I get to a front page on a blog based site that doesn’t have an easy way to find recent blog posts. You have a static front page with a list of recent posts in your sidebar and popular posts at the bottom. That’s great. Some don’t do that, or just have about 3 recent posts without an easy way to see more.

  6. We have professionals in their field write for our blog ( and the first thing I always tell them when writing a blog is to write it as if you are having a conversation with someone. Mind you, these are research based, text heavy kind of people, so their writing style is the total opposite of what blogs typically are but something clicks with all of them when I say write it like a conversation since they don’t talk in citations 🙂

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