Do You Doubt Your Own Online Success?

Feeling Overwhelmed and Doubting Your Own Online Success?



You look at popular bloggers.  With thousands of Twitter followers.  Hundreds of blog comments.  And digital products selling like hot cakes.  Webinar?  Sold out.  New infographic? Gone viral.


And then …


You look at your own online presence.  A handful of comments.  A few hundred Twitter followers.  And a faint presence on Google+.  Does it make you feel down? Overwhelmed?  Are you even doubting your own online success?



Are you starting from scratch without a thriving blog? Without an email list? Without a social media following? Or just need to to learn a much better way to finally have the success that you desire in your online business?


“Your quickest way to make money online is not by affiliate marketing.  It’s not by online advertising.  It’s not by developing an e-course.  Your quickest way to make money online is by offering a service“……says Henneke


To attract clients for your service, you must turn yourself into an authorityquickly.


Sounds impossible, right?


When you look at established authorities do you feel intimidated by their wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge? Do you feel you need to try and master everything too?  Don’t do it.  Flimsy knowledge about a wide variety of topics won’t make you an authority.  Instead, start with a narrow focus


For instance, as a social media expert, you might want to focus on Google+ only.  As an interior designer, you could start with learning everything about color schemes or textures only.  As a content marketing expert, you can focus on content strategy alone.  To build your authority, read real books. Or even better, study them and apply the knowledge.


Real authority requires in-depth knowledge – knowledge you’ll gain by reading serious books, listening to real experts, and gaining hands-on experience.


You get the idea…..


You already have valuable skills and knowledge. You know more than you think you do. Start writing down a list of your existing skills, knowledge, and work experience. Figure out how these could benefit others? Which area fascinates you most? What would you like to learn more about?


Remember, don’t try learning everything about each wild animal in the world. Start out learning everything about one tiny animal. And then tell the world what you know about this tiny animal.  Because that’s how you establish your reputation quickly.


The web is full of superficial posts. You know the type of posts I’m talking about, don’t you? Ten simple tips to achieve this or that and seven mistakes to avoid if you wanna be awesome.




Henneke says that to attract clients, you must stand out as a serious problem solver.  Importantly, you must stand out from the masses who are also trying to sell their services. And you must go where your clients are – if you don’t have a large blog following yet, she suggests that the best way to do this is by guest posting.

  • A problem-solving post published on a popular blog showcases your knowledge and experience.
  • Potential clients discover you in a context they already trust – the pages of one of their favorite blogs.
  • To select a host blog, think about your potential clients:
  • Who are they, and what do they want?
  • Which blogs are they reading?
  • Do those blogs accept guest posts?
  • Guest posting is not as scary and difficult as you may think.
  • Knowing how you can help a blog’s readers is more important than being close friends with editors. 
  • A willingness to put in the work is more important than creative writing skills.
  • To come up with a topic, think about your clients:
  • What’s the biggest problem your potential clients struggle with?
  • How can you teach them to solve this problem (or the first part of it)?
  • Don’t worry if you feel you’re not an established authority yet; you can insert serious authority enhancers into your blog post to strengthen your credibility and reputation:
  • Be as specific as possible – provide detailed steps on how clients can solve their problems. Sharing specific details demonstrates deep knowledge.
  • Make your post as useful as possible – don’t fret about giving away your secret tricks. Sharing your expertise makes potential clients more likely to hire you, not less.
  • Present detailed examples or case studies to show you can apply your knowledge in real (or at least realistic) situations.
  • Insert book citations, include credible stats, and quote industry experts to demonstrate you have current knowledge of your field.
  • Share strong opinions, and don’t be afraid to alienate readers who aren’t right for your business.


Do you know what’s so valuable about this approach?guestblogging

  • While you’re gaining a steady stream of clients, and deepening your understanding of your topic, you’re also building a rock-solid foundation for an online information business – a business based on selling e-books and e-courses.
  • This approach can work for any service, whether you’re a coach, a freelance blogger, a web developer, or a social media expert.
  • Guest posting is often “sold” as a traffic-building tactic – a way to grow your email subscriber list.  And that’s true, but here’s what few people realize……A guest post can also lead directly to your first clients.


Building your reputation is not about how many posts you write. It’s not even about how many tweets or likes your posts get (although that may help). It’s about demonstrating  what you know.  Showcase your knowledge and skills with detailed tutorials, and help readers get results.


Quit Doubting Yourself


Remember, EVERYONE starts at zero. Zero followers. Zero subscribers. Zero profit.


So pick up the courage to get started and keep moving forward.


You can do it!!!!!



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Yes it has tons of value, Joan – great job –
    It’s funny one of my newest clients said he wanted 10,000 followers on Twitter fast – hmmm….had a bit of explaining to do – per your article – right and write on 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this post. It’s so easy to doubt our own success, to look at other people’s high number of likes, tweets, etc. and think, “I’ll never get there!” But it’s all about consistency, showing up, and being honest. I totally related to your comment about superficial blog posts. There are so many of them out there. That’s why being honest really helps you stand out!

    1. You are most welcome Daniela 🙂 Glad you enjoyed !! You are right it IS all about consistency, showing up and being honest 😉 Yes being honest definately helps you go stand out! Thank you for your awesome comment!

  3. Hi Joan,
    Great article, I always enjoy your content very informative
    and right to the point. Absolutely agree authority is the most important
    part of your brand, if you don’t achieve that you’ll be running in circles.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Have a fantastic day!

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