How To Drive Big Conversions With These Simple Tweaks

Drive Big Conversions With These Simple Landing Page Tweaks


Even if you are getting the right people to the right landing pages but you are not seeing any conversions, it’s important to note that driving a significant amount of traffic doesn’t always equate to conversions,





Aware that the key to turning lost conversions into steps in the right direction lies in the presentation of your landing page content, Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT, came up with a 4 valuable tweaks to help you turn your efforts around.



Tip#1.  Narrow your focus

  • Your landing page shouldn’t take visitors here, there, and everywhere.
  • In order to appeal to a visitor’s specific pain point, the subject matter must adhere to one focused goal.
  • To test this, ask someone removed (not your mom) to take a look at your landing page and define what they think the purpose is. In fact, you may want to ask a few people for good measure.
  • This is the best way to get into the mind of your visitors, as your perception of the page is often swayed due to your involvement in the creation.


Tip#2.  Nix the navigation

  • Once you’ve got traffic to your landing page, the last thing you want to do is make it easy for them to leave.
  • Removing the navigation bar from the top of your landing pages will help to ensure that the visitors stick around long enough to convert.


Tip#3.  Break it up with bullets

  • One of the biggest struggles marketers face when it comes to landing page copy is how to convey value in very few words.
  • IMPACT has found that using focused bullet points not only help to break up the copy and ease readability, but they also serve as a concise way to drive benefits.
  • When defining which bullet points to use on your landing page, you’ll want to focus on the following:
  • Actionable: Use verbs….You want people to walk away from your landing page knowing exactly what they can expect to be able to implement after receiving your offer.
  • Clear: Steer clear of big words….Keep your points as simple as possible.
  • Benefit-driven: Speak to their wants and needs….Defined benefits will help to persuade visitors to fill out the form.


Tip#4.  Strategically place the CTA

  • Your landing page’s CTA is one of the most important elements on the page.
  • When applicable, you want to ensure that you are presenting your visitors with a clear, compelling CTA upfront.
  • This means selecting a color (orange and green are often highly recommended) that stands out against the color scheme of your page, as well as allotting enough white space to create contrast around the button.
  • Check out this example detailed by Unbounce:  Serving as a directional cue, the copy and arrow above the form work to draw your visitor’s eye down to the actual CTA.



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0 Replies to “How To Drive Big Conversions With These Simple Tweaks”

  1. I wonder how orange and green translate to those that are colorblind. I know those are two of the most difficult colors to see for those that suffer from this.

  2. These are very common-sense practical tips to tweak your landing page for higher conversions. I hadn’t thought about removing the navigation bar. That is golden! I will be working on doing exactly that today. I love that you mention that the landing page needs to be benefits-focused. I am constantly emphasizing this with members of my tribe on Facebook in our Design Your Dream Biz Training & Accountability Group. This was very useful. Thanks!

  3. Definitely lots of value in this post, Joan and I see how this focused presentation will add lots of conversions to website traffic. We designed my home page as my landing page and probably have done everything you say not to do. The site works for my “mutifacetist” nature and unless I add a totally different initial landing page, this appears to be working well for me…so far. Definitely bookmarking this one for future reference! Thanks for the great info! Nice to reconnect too.

  4. Hi Joan,

    The first thing I do before I blast out my landing page is to have someone look over it. I have hired a coach way back and he still does this for me. He is one of the “big guys” in the marketing field and will tell me the truth…then I go off and tweak tweak tweak.

    Our landing page is so important because we have only three seconds to capture attention. So it needs to be well polished.

    I have done all the tips except the color. Hmmmm green and orange.. I have to give that some thought, may even test it out 🙂

    Thanks for the tips


    1. Hi Donna 🙂 That is good to know thanks for the tip, yes I do think that having someone take a look at a landing page you create is a good idea and yes tweak tweak and tweak 🙂 Yes we do only have 3 seconds to capture attention!!

  5. This was right on!! High traffic does not mean high conversion. The on thing that irritates me most is losing my ability to easily navigate off a page on my computer. Everytime I click a post nowadays I get a “stop are you sure you want to leave this Site” and I’m thinking to myself I wouldn’t have clicked off if I wasn’t sure and get really irritated at that point. Im screaming in my mind “don’t take control of my computer and stop me from navigating other places!” When I leave the site I’m going to research other offers or look at ratings before I make a decision but now that my computer has been taken over the decision has been made for me to leave as fast as I can for fear of a viral take over.

  6. Hi Joan, This is great advice and I never think of removing the navigation. I think creating a landing page is almost counterintuitive to creating the webpages on your site; because you do want them to stand out as you are driving traffic. Great information and lots of tips. Shared and Bookmarked!

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