How To Earn The Attention From Influential Bloggers

Here’s How You Earn The Attention From Influential Bloggers That You Admire










You’re doing all the things the experts tell you to do if you want connections to lead to your content being linked to, talked about and shared to the 1000s of people who follow these influential bloggers. 






If you haven’t put anything personal into the process of connecting with these influential bloggers, then why should they care about or promote you?





Influential bloggers aren’t automatic link machines who spit out shares whenever you send them a copy-and-paste email.




They want to feel like they matter and that when you do get in contact, it’s because you want to let them know how much they matter to you.








Blogging needs you.

It needs your individualism, unique voice, new ideas and your rocking content need to be promoted as massively as influential bloggers can promote it.






Give those influential bloggers a reason to feel like they really matter to you. 






Make them actually want to promote you.

  • Do something different.
  • Something that makes people sit up and notice you.
  • How?
  • Make it your purpose to put others first by promoting their content.
  • Promote it selflessly.
  • Promote it because you just enjoy their content.
  • Because you think it rocks.
  • Because it makes you sit up and take notice.
  • Because it’s valuable to you.





People notice this kind of selfless generosity.









Here are 5 simple ways to earn the attention and feedback yourself from those influential bloggers from Tom Southern (who loves helping people write great content) /Firepole Marketing





Stop Creating Content




Start Reading

  • Promoting other people’s awesome content begins by going out into the blogosphere and reading.
  • Begin with those bloggers in your niche whose content you already think is awesome.
  • Check them out.
  • Take time to actually read them.
  • If any of them still stand out to you, think about why and how.
  • What it is about the writing, the ideas, the message, the usefulness that resonates with you?
  • Then, promote this content.
  • When you do, say why you’re promoting it.
  • Every influential blogger got to where they are by reading, not just writing.




Promote The Hell Out Of Those Bloggers You Love

  • Once you start promoting bloggers, it’s important that you keep promoting them.
  • As part of your online networking, set aside time at least once a week to:
  • Read a piece of content from someone you love.
  • And promote it.
  • Discover a new writer who’s writing knocks you out.
  • And promote them.





Introduce Bloggers To Each Other

  • Because influential bloggers are great writers, they love reading.
  • Especially other great writers’ content.
  • So introduce them to content you think they’ll love.



Have Real Conversations

  • Influential bloggers, like all of us, like to be recognized for who we are.
  • They have lives beyond their blogs.
  • Asking an influential blogger about their latest cruise holiday, or their family’s trip to Disney World, or their fondness for Eighties one-hit-wonders will get you noticed.
  • Not just because it will be a refreshing change, but because it shows that you’re not just out for blatant self-interested gains.
  • It shows you’re interested in them as people.
  • It shows you’re human too.






Sooner or later those bloggers you’ve spent time promoting with genuine interest will start responding with gratitude, offers of thanks and an interest in your content.





Part of making awesome and real connections is showing how much you care about other people.





A big part of caring is responding and saying thank you.





Success is a community activity.





It happens when people help each other out.





No strings attached.








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