Easily Implemented List Building Strategies That Will Save You Time

15 Simple List Building Strategies That Will Save You Time



Are you short on time?  Not tech savy?


This post is for you and all of those sleep-deprived bloggers with day jobs, the mothers juggling twenty things at once, the hopeful entrepreneur who is not quite ready for A/B testing, search engine optimization and anyone who needs easy list-building strategies that can be implemented in less than 5 minutes.



Here are 15 easily implemented list building strategies shared from Kevin Duncan (Optinmonster), that will save you time


1. Add Opt-in Link to Your Email Signature

  • By placing a hyperlinked CTA (call to action) in your email signature, you have the ability to turn every recipient into a subscriber.
  • Each email provider is slightly different, but for Gmail go to Settings > General. Scroll down and you’ll find the Signatures section:
  • The link in your signature could point to a landing page, your homepage (assuming it’s optimized), or an article with a particularly-appealing opt-in bribe.


2. Use PrintFriendly.com to Turn Popular Posts into Lead Magnets

  • Lead magnets, giveaways, content upgrades, ethical bribes…
  • Whatever you call it, it’s mighty effective at compelling readers to subscribe to your email list
  • What if you don’t have time to write an eBook or create a PDF checklist?
  • What if producing an email or video series is more than you can do right now?
  • What if creating dazzling infographics is beyond your current skill set?
  • If you have 30 seconds to spare.……That’s all the time it takes to convert one of your popular articles into a handy, easy-to-print, PDF file.
  • Here’s How You Do It
  • Go to Print Friendly and enter the URL of the article you’d like to convert.
  • Click the “PDF” button. Click “Download.”


3. Linking to a Landing Page in Your Twitter Bio

  • What information is in your Twitter bio?
  • Take advantage of that precious real estate to promote
  • Simple, effective, and takes minutes to implement.



4. Pin a Tweet to Your Landing Page or Email Magnet

  • Your pinned tweet is special.
  • It’s high profile.
  • It’s the first tweet people see when they visit your Twitter page.
  • Leave it pinned long enough, and it’ll earn more favorites, retweets, and replies than all your other tweets combined.
  • It’s an excellent method for acquiring email subscribers.
  • Whichever tweet you choose to pin, just make sure it links to something with the potential to bring in more email subscribers.


5. Pin a Post to Your Facebook Page

  • Everything that applied to a pinned tweet applies to a pinned Facebook post.
  • Because of its high visibility, a pinned Facebook post is going to earn more likes, more comments, and – most importantly – more clicks than a typical Facebook post.
  • And if the pinned Facebook post is pointing to an optimized article or landing page, those extra clicks could result in more email subscribers on your mailing list.


6. Add “Sign Up” Button to Facebook Page

  • Utilize Facebook’s new call-to-action button where you can place a highly-visible link pointing to any destination on or off Facebook….just choose the one that is right for your business.
  • Examples of the buttons are:
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Once you’ve selected your button, enter the URL to your landing page and hit “save changes”


7. Be More Social

  • To see the lead-generating benefits of social media, you need to be purposeful….
  • A few examples are:
  • Be helpful.
  • Answer questions.
  • Share valuable content.
  • Reach out to people.
  • Make connections.
  • If people find you indispensable on social media, they’re going to want more of you.
  • And where will they go to get “more”?
  • Your email list.


8. Try a Different Color

  • What color is your opt-in button?
  • Did you know 85% of shoppers say color is a primary reason for why they buy a certain product?
  • Did you know the color blue creates a sensation of trust?
  • Red a sense of urgency?
  • Green a sense of relaxation?
  • By knowing how people perceive different colors and using this knowledge to your advantage, you can increase the likelihood someone will want to join your email list.
  • What will work for you depends on your situation.
  • All the psychology in the world won’t matter if your CTA color blends into the background, so be sure to choose a color that stands out from the rest of your blog or website.


9. Change Button Copy

  • Do you use generic copy such as “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” for your opt-in buttons?
  • According to conversion consultant Jeremy Smith, it’s your CTA button’s copy – not its color or positioning – that matters most.
  • Provide value and relevance, but be sure not to exaggerate.
  • Keep it simple, but don’t be boring.
  • One particularly-effective strategy is to personalize your opt-in button.
  • By personalizing the words, they become more appealing to the reader.


10. Add Exit-Intent Popup

  • Did you know that over 70% of the people who leave your website will never return?
  • Did you know you can convert many of these abandoning users into email subscribers with one simple trick?
  • It’s called Exit-Intent Technology.
  • It detects user behavior and prompts them with an opt-in form when they’re about to leave.


11. Prominently Display Testimonials

  • People won’t give their hard-earned money or email address to simply anyone.
  • They want to know you’re for real
  • Offering testimonials helps build trust, and more trust means more email subscribers.
  • Go find a great endorsement you’ve received.
  • Look at the reviews people have given you.
  • Browse through your comments and emails.
  • Search for mentions on social media.


12. Remove Distractions

  • How many widgets do you have in your website’s sidebar?
  • How many different calls to action are at the end of your articles?
  • How many choices are your visitors given?
  • If you’re inundating your readers with options, how can they be expected to take the one action you want them to take?
  • You need to cut down on the clutter and remove distractions.
  • Move the “search” option (which few people ever use) to the footer.
  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t help you earn more email subscribers.


13. Stop Asking For Too Much Information

  • On your opt-in forms, do you ask for “name” in addition to “email address”?
  • A/B test after A/B test confirms the more information you ask from readers, the less likely they are to opt-in.
  • Only ask for the information you need.



14.  Add “Thanks for Commenting” Redirect

  • If you’re a WordPress user, there is a plugin that can boost opt-ins with little-to-no upkeep.
  • The plugin is called:  Yoast Comment Hacks.
  • When someone leaves you a comment for the very first time, this plugin redirects them to a “thank you” page.
  • If you ask readers to subscribe when they are engaged (and it’s hard to get more engaged than “leaving a comment for the first time ever”), the odds of them taking you up on your offer are pretty good.
  • Readers are also engaged when they’ve reached the end of your articles.


15. Add Opt-In at End of Articles

  • Readers who reach the end of your article are primed.
  • Your headline grabbed their attention.
  • Your introduction drew them in like moths to a flame.
  • Your bullet points and anecdotes kept them on their edge of their seats.
  • Of the millions of articles they could have read, they read yours. And they read until the very end.
  • That’s why the end of your article is the perfect time to ask them to join your mailing list.
  • Adding a call to action in your author bio and the end of each article is a great way to strike while the iron is hot.
  • Readers who make it to the end of your articles are focused.
  • They’re engaged and looking for direction.
  • Give them direction.
  • Direct them to your email list.



You do realize they’re yours for the taking, right? Your ideal customer? Those readers who will hang on your every word? The people who will advocate for you and preach your virtues to their friends?


They’re all out there… ready to join your email list.


You just need to make it as easy for them to do so as possible.


If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank you 🙂


Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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38 thoughts on “Easily Implemented List Building Strategies That Will Save You Time

  1. I didn’t realize that Twitter allows you to pin posts to the top. Is that a relatively new feature or have I had my head hidden behind my tweeting wings?

    Thank you for such a comprehensive post, Joan. I hadn’t heard of Print Friendly but I just used it to create a copy of this post, for future reference. It’s a tool that I will find very useful.

    I’ve tried a couple of exit subscribe type popup plugins that didn’t work. Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Hi Sue 🙂

      LOL, love that “your head hidden behind my tweeting wings” I did not know about it before I read and shared this post either…..so had to share so others can know too 😉

      You are most welcome and thank you for your awesome feedback!

      That is great to hear that you already implemented one of these tips! Sweet!

      I have a few I can recommend….I use Sumome.com (check it out and let know what you think) Very simple to use as well

      Thanks so much !!

  2. Hey Joan!

    These are such fabulous tips! I really need to work on a newsletter sign up, however, I don’t care for any of the newsletter programs out there. I use MailPoet with mine, however I haven’t figured out how to connect that with my FB sign up. Still working on that one. 🙂

    These rest of your tips are spot on girl! I am definitely passing this along plus bookmarking for future use. Thanks girly!


  3. I had no idea you could pin a tweet, and I need to pin my latest facebook post too. Again, so much great information. I always learn at least 2 or 3 or 4 new things every time I read your posts, Joan. I appreciate them so much! I’m pinning and sharing this one. Thank you!

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      You absolutely can Shann! Thanks so much for your awesome feedback and you just totally made my day girl 🙂 So happy to know that you always learn a few things when you read my posts, appreciate that more than you know!!

  4. Great tips on list building, Joan.

    I have just started building my list a month ago, and I am trying out different things to see which ones works best for my blog.
    I need to work on a lot of things, like giving an incentive, try different types of opt-in forms etc.

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Sourav! That is awesome 🙂 Best of luck to you with your list building strategies!! If you would like some more resources on list building just let me know and I will refer you to a few more!

  5. Brilliant Joan!

    What an amazing list of places to promote your opt-in form / landing page!

    There are a couple there I keep meaning to use… and I am saving, pinning and sharing this Joan. Super info for everyone 😀

    ~ Jacs

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