Effective Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

9 Effective Strategies To Start Driving Traffic To Your Blog Now



Traffic is the “life blood” of your business – without traffic, you don’t have a business.




Do you know how to make your content go “viral” and get amazing results?


3 words : Social, Clickable, Sharable


The cardinal rule of creating clickable and sharable content is writing for human beings. Forget about keywords. And start focusing on writing compelling headlines and descriptions for your content to share on your social media channels.


What do people like to click on and share?  Stories that entertain, and inspire them.  People want to feel an emotional connection to what you’re sharing.


For your content to really spread like wildfire, you need to not only appeal to your social friends and followers, but also their friends and followers.  It doesn’t matter how good your content is.  If you don’t make it clickable and sharable, no one will ever know it exists.


Always remember to focus your efforts when it comes to generating traffic. Don’t attempt too many of the following 9 strategies at once, you’ll just burn out and not get the results you desire.  There are free and paid strategies for driving traffic. And one isn’t necessarily better than the other.


With that said, remember you only need to focus on one or two of these 9 strategies to start…..Let’s begin 🙂


1.  Email marketing

  • Email is hands-down the most effective form of online marketing and has the highest conversion rate of any tactic – after all, these are your subscribers you’ve already established a relationship with.
  • Blogging and email cannot be separated – they are the core of your content marketing strategy and synergistically work together to generate repeat visitors and sales.
  • Email is the most cost effective form of marketing.
  • Here are some email best practices:
  • Make sure each email provides a valuable experience, whether entertaining, educational, curious, or time-sensitive.
  • Don’t spam your list with garbage swipe copy – this doesn’t and will NEVER work (and makes you look like an amateur.)
  • Story telling is powerful. Vulnerability is powerful. Being REAL is powerful.
  • Write in a conversational tone and keep things simple.
  • Write to ONE person.
  • Be consistent.
  • Write 5 subject lines. Then write 5 more. Your subject line is the most important aspect of your email – getting your prospects to open is the first step.


2.  Facebook promotion

  •  Promoting your blog posts with a sponsored update is an excellent way to reach out to targeted audiences who will “Like,” “Share,” and engage with your content – provided that it’s quality, relevant information that’s solving their problems or adding value to their lives.
  • The key when sharing on Facebook is to create enough curiosity so that people will want to click through to read the entire article on your blog.
  • Your curiosity will always get the better of you.
  • Here are a few other tricks to getting the most mileage from Facebook paid promotion: 
  • Make sure to target your audience for precise interests that are highly likely to respond to your content
  • Research your audience’s “hot buttons” and provide inspiration
  • Ask questions
  • Maximize your real estate – spend time tweaking your headline, image, and description


3.  YouTube Marketing

  • Video marketing is just as effective as paid advertisements, and it’s totally free!
  • Not only that, in the next few years, video will account for over 90% of all Internet traffic.
  • YouTube alone gets more than 1 billion unique registered users visiting each month.
  • What’s great is that once you’ve created and uploaded your video, you can sit back as your message is perfectly delivered day after day to prospect after prospect – new people will find your video and become your leads for months and years to come! And the best part about YouTube is that video converts traffic to leads 2-3x better than any other medium!
  • Here are a few tips to maximize YouTube:  
  • Embed all your videos on your blog
  • Share ‘em on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Invite your email list to subscribe to your Channel
  • Always use your video’s description field to link back to your blog (and remember to put “http://” before the URL so that the link is clickable.)
  • Always remember that if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera you can always make “screen capture” videos – where you record your desktop and speak into your mic.


4.  Guest Posting

  • This is a powerful strategy
  • First you must first demonstrate that your content appeals to the market. And then begin to strategically connect with other blogger in your niche.
  • Here are a few hints:
  • Successful bloggers are busy, so be sure and do your homework first
  • Clearly articulate how you can add value with your guest post
  • Offer your very best content.
  • Guest posting is a powerful strategy to not only broaden your audience, but also legitimately create contextually relevant backlinks to your blog.
  • Keep in mind that no one owes you anything.
  • So proceed with no expectations and show enormous gratitude if given an opportunity.


5.  Native Advertising

  • Native ads are sponsored content on social networks, websites, and blogs.
  • You could think of native like paid guest posting of “advertorial” content – similar to what you’d see in a print magazine labeled “promotional” or “partner” content
  • Here are some providers to investigate once you’ve created traction in your market: 
  • Outbrain 
  • Taboola 
  • AddThis 
  • nRelate 
  • Sharethrough
  • These recommendation widgets are hot at the moment and can provide unparalleled exposure, depending on your niche – and link directly to your blog or a cleverly disguised landing page.


6.  Interviews

  • Once you’ve demonstrated your value, interviewing a noteworthy leader in your industry is a fantastic way to not only create content, but also generate buzz and enhance your prestige.
  • This content will be highly sharable. And if you’re lucky, you will receive a link on their blog to the interview – producing a valuable backlink.
  • Again, remember that the leaders are incredibly busy building their own businesses.
  • So don’t take a rejection personally.
  • Keep moving forward, demonstrating your value, and you will be rewarded in time.


7.  Networking

  • Networking takes many forms.
  • From connecting with your fellow aspiring superstars to reaching out to established leaders in your field.
  • When reaching out, always lead with value and the attitude of, “how can I help this person achieve their goals.”
  • Thinking only of yourself won’t lead to a fruitful relationship – always “give without want before you can receive.”
  • When connecting with potential mentors, remember that running a business and a successful blog requires a significant investment of time.
  • Offer to freely do “grunt” work with a smile and you’ll quickly find yourself in the good graces of a potential mentor – which can lead to future opportunities within their established sphere of influence.


8.  Blog Commenting

  • Commenting on influential blogs can produce significant traffic and recognition – provided you position yourself correctly and add value.
  • Don’t act like a needy, desperate marketer!
  • If you want to attract prospects, you must BE attractive.
  • Speak with confidence and expertise, adding your opinion and additional contextual information to the original post.
  • Do NOT spam your link!
  • Many marketers will try and create a fake “signature” to promote themselves. Don’t do that. It’s lame. 
  • Your #1 goal is to add value to the original post.
  • If you do a good enough job of establishing your credibility, your potential prospects will naturally seek you out for more information.
  • This isn’t rocket science.
  • It’s basic human psychology.


9.  Social Sharing

  • The biggest mistake many new marketers make is to try and leverage too many social media sites simultaneously, without taking the time to create legitimate relationships on the platforms.
  • Pay carefully to what I’m about to say… You can’t automate social media.
  • One more time… You can’t automate social media!
  • When you use tools that will “blast” your updates out to 37 different social media sites without you even logging in, you’re practically shouting into an empty building.
  • If you want people to take notice, you have to be present……You have to engage……You have to provide unique value.
  • Your social media posts should add additional context or curiosity regarding your blog posts.
  • Your social shares should be hand-crafted to conform to the platform they’re being shared upon – each platform has its own optimal image and text specifications.
  • You should only share your content on as many platforms as you can maintain meaningful relationships on.
  • If that means just Facebook, then just stick with Facebook.
  • If you can maintain Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously…awesome!
  • You’re a social butterfly.
  • Don’t concern yourself with fake metrics.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have 100 friends or 1,000.
  • What matters is that they’re interested in what you have to say.
  • NEVER buy friends, followers, or fans.
  • This will ALWAYS bite you in the a**….You don’t want fake connections that do nothing for you.


Remember……Don’t feel like you need to master all of the above strategies – some 8-figure bloggers never will and certainly don’t need to. What’s important is to focus on one or two…and do them well.  Stick with growing your email list and choosing one social network to cultivate a following.


Remember that whatever strategy you choose, your #1 priority is always building your email list and cultivating a relationship with your subscribers. Instead of trying to be clever and trick people into buying from you, click here to learn how you can create more trust, rapport, and value – that’s the foundation of a long term business.


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “Effective Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog”

  1. Joan,
    Wow, you’re right about burning out if I tried to do all of this! But slowly . . baby step by baby step! I still haven’t done an email list, so it is powerfully convincing that that is at the top of your post. I’m going to work on that this week. Thanks, Joan! You always give LOTS of compelling content!

  2. Very helpful, Joan. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to make a youtube video. I just need someone who can show me. I am also in the process of writing my first newsletter. I’m taking some of the steps you’ve mentioned.
    Thanks so much!
    PS I was confused by the term ‘garbage swipe copy’ Something that promotes the blogger only but gives no value to the one reading? Just curious,

    1. So glad you enjoyed the tips Amy! Thank you! Best of luck to you with creating your first YouTube Video, good for you! If you need any tips, I would be happy to help you as I have a great resource that may give you some great tips and strategies that you can begin to implement right away…….here is the resource for you to bookmark if you like>>>http://iResults.info/ebook.php?f=joan50&w=video

      Enjoy 🙂

      Yes pretty much “garbage swipe copy” is just that, great for the blogger but gives no REAL value to the reader and really does not serve any purpose then to help the blogger…………does that make sense?

  3. These are some really good tips to drive traffic to your blog. I also like the fact that you included e-mail marketing. It’s actually one of the best sources of traffic if you have a big and engaging list. It also depends on the email sender on how they write the email and approach the subscribers.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  4. Great post, Joan. Really helps with the marketing side of blogging, and helps undertstand where to dip your toes in social media – I’ve definitely been down the road of trying to automate, and it just was not right, it’s wasn’t authentic, and became boring – being engaged is an important part, and I love being able to see the response from followers after a live message – it’s a great feeling, even if it is just 1 like. hahaa

    1. Thank you Keirryn!!

      Exactly, engagement is so important and yes I totally agree with you that even with one message it makes you feel so good that someone resonates with your authentic value 🙂 Really appreciate your awesome feedback and comment!!

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