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How To Use Email Marketing Effectively









You need to know these 3 most important email marketing strategies if you want to make email marketing work.





“Email marketing has some significant advantages compared to most other marketing methods”, says Peter Sandeen





What makes email marketing so effective?

  • High reach

  • When you get people to join your email list (aka “subscribe to updates” or “opt in”), you can actually reach them.

  •  Great flexibility

  • Email marketing can work for pretty much any kind of business.

  •  Minimal risk

  • Some top marketers expect to burn through $10,000 of advertising budget before even knowing if they can make a campaign profitable.

  • With email marketing, the costs are much, much lower.

  • A simple system like AWeber is very affordable even if your business isn’t a huge success yet.

  •  Low barrier of entry

  • Besides being comparatively cheap, email marketing doesn’t take such a steep learning curve as many other tactics.

  • Even if you’re not an expert, you can see great results when you learn to use the different email marketing strategies—great execution of the strategies improves your results a lot, but even if you make some mistakes, you aren’t wasting your time.

  •  Full control

  • Most other marketing tactics are at the mercy of policy changes (e.g., Google and AdWords) and other decisions beyond your control.

  • Sure, some laws affect how you can use email marketing, but laws rarely change with short notice and they even more infrequently radically change what you can do.






Here are the 3 most important email marketing strategies you must know








1.  Email marketing strategy: Offers

  • Regardless of what kind of a business you run, you should know how to make offers in your emails.

  • The basic idea is to urge people to get something they really want.

  • A good offer doesn’t feel sales-y, pushy, or manipulative.

  • Instead, a good offer feels helpful.

  • When you promote something via email, do it as a friend who wants to help the recipient.




2. Email marketing strategy: Content

  • Businesses and bloggers often use content email marketing strategy more than other strategies.

  • They create a piece of content (e.g., report, infographic, video, article) and tell people about it with an email.

  • Some of the content is available publicly (e.g., blog articles), but some content should be behind an “information wall.”

  • The information wall asks for information from the visitor via an opt-in form-which requires people to join the business owner’s list in order to get the content.

  • Content email marketing is a great tool that you should learn to use regardless of what kind of a business you run.

  • When you use it well, people will start to see you as a trusted source, which makes them more likely to buy what you sell.



3. Email marketing strategy: Relationship building

  • If you forget that you should build a relationship with your subscribers, your offers will feel pushy and your content distant.

  • Most importantly, you should always remember relationship building as an email marketing strategy.

  • No matter what kind of an email you send.

  • Remember that you’re not a company.

  • You’re a person.

  • Act and write like one.







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