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Today’s featured expert post is from my very good friend, Donna Ward………Enjoy the value!





We’ve all heard it, right?




Engage your audience, online and offline.




But, what is engagement in email marketing?






The big question I’ve heard is, does your audience really want to engage with your brand the same way they would a friend.




That is being social and sharing experiences.




This is why you really need to understand more about your targeted audience.





There are the analytics of engagement in email marketing…

  • –          Open rate – doesn’t mean they are reading and engaging with your brand.
  • –          Click rate – a more reliable metric.
  • –          Conversion rate – is thought to be the ultimate objective for your business.





I like to think of engagement in email marketing as more than that.




Wooing your clients is building a relationship over time.




Helping them get to know more about your business.




Wouldn’t it be just so much fun to be able to tweak your engagement in email marketing to bring about much better results?



You want subscribers to read your emails. Yes?







Golden Ticket Tips: The best way to get someone to do something that you really want them to do, in this case open, read and take action on your emails sent out is…

  • –          Give them a reason – Your subject line needs to tell its own story – ‘Customer challenged…attract more customers, more quickly’ – In other words entice with what they want to hear more about, don’t be uninteresting. (Keeping the character count to around 50.)
  • –          Over deliver – giving tons of great info that your audience will find a want/need for.
  • –          Make it worth their while to spend time reading your emails and then spend money, knowing that they’ll be getting so much more in return.
  • –          Experiment the best days and times that your subscribers open their emails. And, use that day/time consistently.
  • –          Include an explanation as to why they are receiving their first few emails from you – ‘Thank you for ordering your…’ – ‘Congratulations, you are in for…’




See your follow up is mainly engagement in email marketing by building a better relationship with your prospects, giving them free content and increasing their trust and loyalty in knowing that opening up your emails will be well worth it for them.





We always know that building relationships means not taking advantage and overdoing it. And…





Engagement in email marketing is one of the most powerful relationship marketing tools you’ll use where you build and maintain a bond with your subscribers.





Get it right and your whole business can change for the better and best.





It takes time and experience.







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