Entrepreneurship: 3 Lessons for Success

3 Lessons for a Successful Entrepreneurship










As entrepreneurs, we encounter many big, bad wolves along the way: tricky technology, writer’s block, struggles with engagement





What are you supposed to do?








“As entrepreneurs, we need to take these 3  lessons to heart”……says Marcy McKay, (the Energizer Bunny of Writers.)
















Lesson #1 – Experience is Critical

  • There’s no better teacher for us than the School of Hard Knocks.
  • The trick is to grow from our shortcomings and mistakes.




Lesson #2 – It’s About Adaptability

  • In order to prosper, we have to adjust to the different phases of our growing businesses.
  • We must also adapt to what is happening in the moment in our businesses, as well as what we hoped would happen.
  • Challenges will arise that we can’t foresee.
  • This is the nature of entrepreneurship.
  • We must learn to modify and adapt to constant setbacks, and transitions while growing an online business.




Lesson #3 – Perseverance is the Key to Success

  • Steadfast devotion to what we’re creating is a must in order to succeed.
  • That’s so much easier said than done.
  • We all feel discouraged at times.
  • We all must find what inspires us.
  • Your inspiration will guide every decision you make, and each tiny step on our journey leads us closer to or further away from our goals.
  • We must be persistent in the course of building our businesses despite difficulties, obstacles and discouragement.
  • Keep going not matter what – that’s what successful entrepreneurship is all about!



What does success look like for you?







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0 Replies to “Entrepreneurship: 3 Lessons for Success”

  1. Hi Joan,

    You definitely hit the 3 critical factors of success. I’d also like to add that success is practice, practice, practice. As Malcolm Gladwell asserts in his book, “Outliers,” it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. And that is anywhere from 5 – 15 years of doing what you do…


    Rock Your Fab

  2. I love it! True entrepreneur should really have the right experience to run the business, learn to adapt to the environment and what the situation dictates and never stop even if you’re tired of doesn’t feel like it! Persevere until you reach your goals. Success is never easy but it’s always lots of fun getting there. 🙂

  3. Absolutely! Success is a moveable feast, so the ability to adapt, be flexible, and keep going are essential. Great post. Great tips on how to be successful. Cheers. Andrea

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