Entrepreneurship: 3 Lessons for Success

3 Lessons for a Successful Entrepreneurship










As entrepreneurs, we encounter many big, bad wolves along the way: tricky technology, writer’s block, struggles with engagement





What are you supposed to do?








“As entrepreneurs, we need to take these 3  lessons to heart”……says Marcy McKay, (the Energizer Bunny of Writers.)
















Lesson #1 – Experience is Critical

  • There’s no better teacher for us than the School of Hard Knocks.
  • The trick is to grow from our shortcomings and mistakes.




Lesson #2 – It’s About Adaptability

  • In order to prosper, we have to adjust to the different phases of our growing businesses.
  • We must also adapt to what is happening in the moment in our businesses, as well as what we hoped would happen.
  • Challenges will arise that we can’t foresee.
  • This is the nature of entrepreneurship.
  • We must learn to modify and adapt to constant setbacks, and transitions while growing an online business.




Lesson #3 – Perseverance is the Key to Success

  • Steadfast devotion to what we’re creating is a must in order to succeed.
  • That’s so much easier said than done.
  • We all feel discouraged at times.
  • We all must find what inspires us.
  • Your inspiration will guide every decision you make, and each tiny step on our journey leads us closer to or further away from our goals.
  • We must be persistent in the course of building our businesses despite difficulties, obstacles and discouragement.
  • Keep going not matter what – that’s what successful entrepreneurship is all about!



What does success look like for you?







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