How To Establish Your Brand Online

Here is Your Step by Step Blueprint to Establishing Your Brand Online











The number one key to building an online business that will stand the test of time is to establish YOU as a brand…..Not a product, not a company,  YOU





In this essential step by step guide you will discover the secret to building an online brand based around the power of your own name.










With this step by step blueprint, you will be fully equipped to dominate the online marketing industry through the power of brand YOU.





Branding yourself will help your followers to get to know, like and trust you……and as you probably already know……this is the fastest way to transform followers into repeat buyers of your products and services.








 The 7 Steps To Branding You Online





Step #1.  Map out your long term vision and slogan

  • The #1 KEY to succeeding with your online business is to first get 100% CLEAR on your vision.
  • Think of your vision as a GPS
  • Your vision is your GPS to online success
  • Before getting starting online, you should take the time to map it out




Step #2.  Join Internet Lifestyle Network to educate you on how to brand yourself

  • Every professional marketer owns their OWN domain name.
  • If you want to be a PRO, you MUST own your OWN domain name
  • Utilize ILN’s unlimited domains and hosting blogging platform (never pay separately for a new domain and hosting again)
  • Get your own domain name here




Step #3.  Create a Blog

  • Think of blogging as your online store front….your central hub where people come to see what you have to offer in your leadership and products and services.
  • Where you can be their solution to what their problems are.
  • ALWAYS Share VALUE Daily and Consistently 




Step #4.  Set up an autoresponder to start building an email list

  • You may have heard that “the money is in the list”……biggest pack of lies ever told
  • The “money” is in the people who know, like and trust you.
  • If you are going to build a list of people who like to buy from you, then you require somewhere that stores that information.
  • This is why you need an autoresponder.
  • It is an essential tool that you need for success online….fail to set one up, and you will be setting yourself up for disaster.
  • Click here to set up your autoresponder now




Step #5.  Collect highly targeted leads

  • Who know, like and trust you to invest in your products and services
  • Whatever platform you choose to market on, you must make your products and services “specific” to that platform if you desire to attract mass amounts of people to you (for free) who love to invest in YOU.
  • To learn my secrets to attracting highly targeted leads….click here to get on my email list so you will learn how




Step #6.   All set up

  • Now that you are all set up you with the services at the links above, (and if you are serious) you now know the secret to attracting hundreds of targeted people to you per day, who will love to invest in your products and services and you will also know how to store their information so you can follow up with them on a daily basis




Step #7.  Provide daily value

  • Now you are ready to start providing daily value to your social media platforms as well as your email list
  • People hate to be sold, but they love it when you give them time to get to know, like and trust you.
  • Share stories with them, let them know about your life, send them free trainings daily and consistently
  • Share inspirational posts and educational posts on social media daily and consistently as well







You must remember this as you get started online….lone ranger mentality NEVER works online.









You need to be connected with people who are like-minded








They will be your support system on the days when you feel like pulling your hair out……when everything feels like its going wrong.








 To gain access to the support system that I use…..Click here














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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington





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0 Replies to “How To Establish Your Brand Online”

  1. You are right Joan, when you want to be in business for a long time online, you have to brand yourself. The business model can change but when people trust you, they trust you.

  2. Spot on as usual Joan, and stuffed full of useful tips. I agree, personal branding is a must…how else do we stand out from anyone else? People don’t really buy a product, they buy a lifestyle change, or like the lynx advert the motivation for buying Lynx (I wager!) is not that it smells nice, but apparently lots of sexy young ladies are going to find you attractive. So, when marketing on line we need to find our own Lynx effect. And going it alone does not work so well, I’ve got great mentoring support if nothing else from some of the groups I belong too. And on top of that there’s joint projects and promotions. All great stuff.

  3. Alright Joan!

    Thank you for providing the step by step blueprint!

    And I can’t agree more! If no one buys “you” inc, first, then
    probably will not be buying much if anything from us at all!

    Thank you fr providing some really sound advice!

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