Do You Ever Wish That There Was An Easy Formula for Writing Persuasive Web Copy?

Is There an Easy Formula for Writing Persuasive Web Copy?





As a copywriter/blogger, I am sure you have heard of the well-known copywriting formula which is known as AIDA:  A – Attention I – Interest D – Desire A – Action 



When people land on your website, you already have their attention. Your web visitors already clicked through to find out more about you. Your most important task then, is to create interest and desire, so they stay on your website.  


So HOW do you do that?  

  • By ensuring that each of your web pages have a clear call-to-action that stands out and that encourages your web visitor to take the next step. 
  • You also need a clear and credible headline, bullet points, and an image that will let web visitors know they’re in the right place by making sure you draw them into your story so you can create desire for your product.


With that in mind…..




Here are 2 of the MORE POWERFUL copywriting formulas that you can start using now to create MORE interest and desire in your copy:





Powerful Copywriting Formula #1 – FAB
  • FAB stands for Features – Advantages – Benefits.
  • FAB reminds us to always focus on customers.
  • Our customers aren’t interested in features, and they aren’t interested in specifications, they don’t even care about advantages.
  • All they want to know is what you offer to them.
  • How do you make them happier or richer?
  • To create interest in and desire for your product you need to hone in on the benefits you offer to your reader.


Powerful Copywriting Formula #2 – PAS
  • PAS stands for Problem – Agitate – Solution
  • PAS is powerful because problems can attract even more attention than benefits.
  • People want to avoid pain, hassle, risks, glitches, and problems.
  • How does the PAS formula work?
  • First you describe a problem, then you agitate by highlighting the emotions that go with the problem, and then you offer your solution.



No copywriting formula can guarantee that your copy will sell.  You can write the most beautiful copy in the world, but if your copy doesn’t address your web visitors’ needs and problems, you’ve wasted your time with writing.




The only way to write powerful web copy is to understand what makes your reader tick. Know the pain points you can solve. Understand the fears you need to overcome. Utilize the PAS and FAB formulas in your copy to translate features into benefits that your customers care about and into problems they want to avoid.



The secret to writing good copy isn’t about picking the right formula; it isn’t even about choosing the right words or using short sentences.  


What you write is more important than how you write it. Understand your customer as if you can read his mind…..Know HOW to sell to him. And your words will flow naturally.




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Joan Harrington

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53 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wish That There Was An Easy Formula for Writing Persuasive Web Copy?

  1. Great thoughts, Joan! Really engaging readers is so important. You are exactly right that our writing really needs to draw them in, engage them, and call them to act. Thanks for sharing!

  2. As always, great tips, Joan. You always make me think of what I can improve, and this one is no different!
    Although I have to laugh–I cringed a bit about how you write not being as important as what you write. It’s the author/editor in me! But good advice for me to remember.
    Thank you.

  3. Great tips with these formulas Joan! I think both what and how you write are married together. If your writing style engages people, then they are more likely to want to know about you and your services/products. My goal is to be a messenger of possibility with what I write and also to educate, entertain and shake up the status quo in a kind and understated way. I think I incorporate these two formulas in my own way at different times and will definitely keep them in mind as I continue to write new articles.

    • Thanks Beverley! Yes I can totally relate with you as well, I try to be the messenger in my writing by educating, and entertaining my readers 🙂 Appreciate your comment, as always!

  4. Hi Joan,

    These are all great tips.
    I agree that the content is all about the reader/visitor/consumer. They want to feel as though this information was written specifically for THEM.

    I know that many of us are motivated by avoiding pain – so it makes sense to discuss the problem. We can all identify with that.

  5. Thanks, Joan. I think my website is welcoming, but what I want is to offer women over 40 years old a voice and I think I should change my website up a little to reflect that better. This has definitely given me something to think about.

  6. Thanks Joan for breaking it down into simple points to remember. I took a copywriting course early on and it helped me become more aware of the perception of the reader/customer. Most of the time my pieces are educational, but as I start offering products online,this will become a handy guide to keep on track.

    • You are welcome Joyce! That is great to hear 🙂 Yes, anything we can learn about copywriting to help us with our writing is essential, especially if it will help our readers 🙂

  7. Always tricky to understand what makes the readers tick or what they want, even if you do research…so it is good to follow some sort of structure or storytelling model. A nice article here. 🙂

  8. Hi Joan,

    Great tips shared! I completely agree with you that engaging your readers by pictures and right content is the key but also brevity of speech is very important. Thanks for sharing this informative post from your bucket! Have pinned it for my reference. 🙂

  9. Great post! I especially love the second one because you are so right. Problems always attract more attention. I need to always remember this when I’m writing….especially a product review. Thank you!

  10. I think I use the FAB formula when I write. I liked …”What you write is more important than how you write it.” I struggle with this sometimes and question if I should word it like this or that. For me what makes me love a blogger is not only what kind of topics they share or if they inspire me but I really like bloggers if I can connect with them. You are amazing girlie. 🙂

  11. Hi Joan,

    Great post. I learned quite a bit from reading this. I have a tendency just to start writing in my normal “book writing” mode and I need to remember and realize that writing on my blog or writing an article, needs to have a shift from my norm to the visitor or reader.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Great tips and I always say when I talk to my clients to make sure it is pretty.. ‘readable’ by having pictures to help tell the story and using the headlines and the bullets (like you mentioned) to help break it out and make it more skimmable. Great tips.

  13. I write lots and lots of copy, Joan.

    Because we (me and Donna) create many digital info products… we’re always writing sales pages and other copy pieces.

    The guidelines you give here are spot on, but as you say… nothing can guarantee the success of any sales page or copy. The thing we always find works best is to write according to a guide like you’ve given here, then, as we do our marketing, keep tweaking things to improve our results. Some things we think will work great, don’t work at all… while things we feel are not the best route to take… are crazy successful!

    Write, test, tweak. That seems to be the forumula that has worked best for us.

  14. Hi Joan,
    Love both formulas, very powerful!
    You have to speak the language of your prospects
    otherwise they won’t pay attention to you.
    Great tips, thank you for sharing!

  15. Super points. I think the first part of focusing on customers is knowing who the heck they are. So many (too many, in my opinion) business people think that “everyone” is a potential client.
    That’s an expensive delusion as it leads to diluted effort, time and money.

  16. Hi Joan,

    I have a digital copy writing course that I purchased last year but I have not yet taken the time to go through it and implement.

    In our world of shrinking sound bytes, this shortage of attention means it’s more essential than ever to get to the point quickly. This doesn’t mean communication is becoming superficial. Far from it. It’s just more dense and we want to know what is in it for us VERY quickly.

    Rachel recently wrote Include Your Business During Spring Cleaning

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