Ever Wondered Why Your Visitors Do Not Convert Into Customers?

So, Why Don’t Your Visitors Convert Into Customers?



For you to get better at converting and really get to know your audience, you have to know why a person wouldn’t convert.



[tweet_box design=”default”]It’s usually the result of an innate fear or apprehension that prevents them from clicking the button.[/tweet_box]



If you can understand these fears that prevent your visitors from converting, then you can easily improve your conversions.




Let’s take a look at the following 7 most common reasons why people don’t convert from , OptinMonster.com







1. The brand isn’t trustworthy

  • Most visitors look to a brand before they buy a product.
  • What if you are a “new” brand?
  • You will need to increase brand trust in anyway you can.
  • There are many ways to do this, including listing your affiliations, displaying customer reviews and feedback, and even including images of real people to make your brand seem more personable.
  • You will have to make yourself approachable and demonstrate your authority.


2. The product isn’t valuable

  • It could be that your product doesn’t appear useful.
  • You might be too similar to a competing or existing product.
  • Your product might be too expensive.
  • If you can narrow down these possibilities, you’ll stand a better chance at correcting the trust problem.
  • You have to show what makes your product both unique and valuable.


3. The product isn’t what’s being sold

  • If you want to win the trust of your users, then don’t try to go over-the-top with your claims; instead, be straightforward and transparent.
  • Clearly explain the benefits and advantages of your product, and include real images or videos.
  • Show your product being used in a real environment, even if it isn’t perfect.
  • If you’re honest and open, people will trust your messages more, and they’ll be more likely to convert.


4. There’s no fallback or guarantee

  • Consumers love safety nets, and if they can’t see one, they might avoid converting entirely.
  • Put yourself in your user’s shoes for a moment.
  • If you order this product and it doesn’t come, or it comes damaged or otherwise imperfect, what options do you have?
  • You can easily overcome this by including some reassurance – a safety net for your customers.
  • For example, you could make references to your stellar customer service department, or offer a money-back guarantee on your product.
  • Little touches like these can go a long way in making your customers comfortable enough to convert.


5. There’s a better deal somewhere else

  • Your first step is to ensure that you’re communicating the value of the product clearly and effectively.
  • Your offer should be both valuable and unique in the market, and if it isn’t, it needs to change.
  • Beyond that, you can compare a handful of similar products to show users what they’d be getting otherwise, or offer a price match guarantee that puts any competitive concerns to rest instantly.


6. Acting now would be impulsive

  • The moment a visitor hesitates, the conversion is as good as lost.
  • They fear the repercussions of acting quickly, they procrastinate the decision, and they end up never making it.
  • To overcome this, include some call to urgency, such as a “limited time offer” or strong wording that compels quick action.
  • It’s also a good idea to make the process as fast and simple as possible.
  • The more steps you make in the process, or the more complicated you make things, the more chances your visitor will have to second guess their decision.


7. There’s no information security

  • Information security can refer to a range of different needs and consequences, from something relatively innocent like using a customer’s email address for overly frequent messages to something devastating like the exposure of a credit card or social security number.
  • If you want your visitors to convert, then you need to reassure them that their information is in good hands.
  • You can start by adding an SSL encryption layer to your site, and work with a trusted payment gateway to reassure customers their information is being handled properly.




Once you understand and take action on these potential consumer fears, you should see your conversion rate start to rise.



If you’ve taken action on these points, but you’re still having trouble getting the conversions you want, then you may want to look at these 12 tips to reduce bounce rate and boost conversions.




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32 thoughts on “Ever Wondered Why Your Visitors Do Not Convert Into Customers?

  1. I honestly believe in then 80/20 rule and I know I attract my 20% focused ready to buy Customers always! WHY?because not all subscribers are made the same. Most are looking for a free or easy button to get their results so they find it hard to pull out their wallet beyond he Free “Lead Magnet” So only the determined hungry tired of being tired optins will follow through.

    Obviously if there is a better deal elsewhere and they know of it…Its a bummer lol! Deal with it!

    Insightful post 🙂

  2. Hi Joan,

    I don’t have a product out yet but now I know all the components I need to make sure visitors turn into customers. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a great day and weekend!


  3. Great things to consider. While I don’t sell any products on my blog, I’m definitely selling myself, and can relate many of these to this. I have to make sure first-time visitors feel comfortable, gain value, and really can trust me too. Thanks!

  4. Having your own brand and attracting people to you is so important to get them to know, like and trust you.

    Love how you laid it all out with your awesome content. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Joan,

    Great info in your article I saved the main points
    benefits and advantages
    be unique
    cta urgency
    information security

    Thanks for the link to the article by Noumaan Yaqoob on 12-tips-to-reduce-bounce-rate-and-boost-your-conversions/
    Always great information on your site. ,

  6. Hi Joan,

    I must say this is just another great post from you,just noted down few points from here which I really need to take care.Thanks for this wonderful share,worth reading.

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