How To Expand Your Professional Network

10 Practical Tips To Expand Your Professional Network








Learn how to manage and boost your professional network with the following 10 tips by Katherine G. Eion a freelance writer/ …..




1.  Maintain Visibility  

  • People have to know WHO you are in order to recommend you and your available products and services.
  • The key here is to stay visible, without becoming a nuisance.



2.  Build Relationships

  • It is essential to get to know the people in your professional network.
  • Be willing to be a professional reference.



3.   Use LinkedIn

  • This is a no brainer.
  • LinkedIn is free to join, and there are hundreds of groups available to boost your professional networking.
  • Get to know people.
  • When you and they are comfortable enough, exchange recommendations.
  • This network builds your credibility in a number of ways and is well worth the time and effort.



4.  Join Professional Organizations

  • A professional organization is one of the easiest ways to stay and get connected professionally.
  • Get to know colleagues in your profession.
  • These are the best people to keep you informed on what is changing in your profession and how to adapt.



5.  Go Beyond Your Industry

  • Cultivate professional networks outside of your industry.
  • This is a great way to boost your network and meet new people.
  • Networking with those outside of your industry can give you a fresh perspective on your professional development.



6.   Find Connections

  • Seek out people who have been in your industry for longer than you have.
  • Consider their advice and learn from their experience.
  • It absolutely matters who you know.
  • Surround yourself with people who support your career as you support them in theirs.



7.   Build…..Build…..Build

  • Building relationships is integral to maintaining and boosting your professional network.
  • Be personable and share your experiences with the people in your professional network.
  • Be the person that others first think of for a solution, a bit of advice, or a warm welcome.



8.   Host An Event

  • The event you choose to host need not be large or elaborate.
  • You may want to consider hosting a series of two or three smaller events, so as to include everyone.
  • Everyone will be relaxed and have the opportunity to get to know you.



9.   Volunteer

  • Giving to others is a fantastic way to stay visible while building your professional network.
  • The effort need not be elaborate or time-consuming.
  • Consider an hour a week or a month to give back to the very community in which you are building your career and your reputation.



10.   Follow-Up

  • Always stay connected to your professional network through staying in touch.
  • Strengthen attachments thorough listening to others in your network.
  • Don’t ask for a series of favors, rather ask how you can be of help to the other person.
  • In this way relationships are indelibly strengthened and maintained.





Networking is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur.





The key to creating a network you can rely on is building a useful network — making connections for specific reasons and finding people that will help you and you can help in return.





Building a network is just as much about helping out the people you connect with as it is finding solutions for your own problems.






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