Exposed! The Only 2 Reasons Anyone Would Want To Join You

The Only 2 Reasons Anyone Would Want To Join You









These 2 Reasons Are The Only Way That Anyone Will Join You….Period.






“You need to be willing to GIVE without WANT before you can HAVE”…..says Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring







Really stop and think about that until you “get it”.








You really need to understand why other networkers would want to join you and your business.





It’s not the product, not the comp plan, or the management team.










It’s because you are offering a “solution” to their problem and that solution will only come with these…..




Reason # 1 – You

  • Your knowledge, your leadership, and your expertise.

  • They will join YOU because YOU can teach them and show them how to build a successful business.



Reason # 2 – You are offering a solution

  • A business building/marketing system which provides a solution to their current problems, and they can see themselves having success using it.







You must GIVE without WANT

  • Take the focus off of your company because IT will never be the reason for your success, or anyone elses.

  • Market “help”.

  • Sell yourself.

  • Sell your solution.





You can learn how to do this faster and easier than you may think, even if you have never sponsored a soul.










Because no matter who you are or what you have done, you can always GIVE…..and you will be given back to.









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