Facebook Marketing For Newbies

What You Need To Know About Marketing on Facebook











Facebook Marketing For Newbies







It’s a fact that Facebook is the largest social network in the world, it has more than 500 million active users, half of whom log in on a daily basis.




People share more than 30 billion pieces of content every month, including links, news stories, blog posts, photo albums, and notes.




Ignoring Facebook isn’t really an option for most marketers.




The problem for newbies is, how are you supposed to use it for marketing?




How do you turn all of those little messages and profiles into actual results?






Here are the basics of how to use Facebook to your advantage……from KISSMetrics.






Marketing on Facebook


Facebook has three tools that can be used by anyone.


Each of these options has its own purpose, and can be combined for greater reach.



1.  Pages

  • Facebook pages are similar to profiles, but for businesses, organizations and public figures.
  • While profiles require a mutual relationship between friends, pages can be liked by anyone, without a requirement for the page creator to accept a fan.
  • They also don’t have the same restriction on the number of friends/fans they can have, unlike profiles (which are limited to 5,000 friends).
  • Facebook pages are the simplest, easiest way to get started marketing with Facebook.
  • They’re free, relatively easy to set up (at least in their basic forms), and incredibly flexible.
  • Don’t Ignore Your Info Tab
  • It’s where people go if they want to know who you are and what your company does.
  • Post Useful Info to Your Wall
  • Make sure what you’re posting is useful to your fans.
  • Facebook offers some really great analytics for pages.
  • Pay attention to them.


Advantages: They’re free and easy to set up.

Disadvantages: Can be hard to get a foothold and build a fan base.




2.  Ads

  • Facebook offers a fantastic targeted advertising platform.
  • You can create ads targeted at specific geographic areas, age groups, and even things like college major.
  • Facebook also lets users like ads or close ads they don’t like, meaning that Facebook is constantly delivering better-targeted ads to their users.
  • Powerful Targeting Options
  • You can target by virtually anything on a user’s profile.
  • Better-targeted ads are going to garner better results.


Advantages: Powerful targeting parameters.

Disadvantages: Can get expensive, depending on your goals.



3.  Groups

  • Facebook groups are similar to discussion forums but with additional features similar to what pages and profiles have (like a Wall).
  • You can create groups related to your industry or product offerings as a way to reach out to potential customers.
  • The advantage to groups is that they can encourage discussion and participation better than pages
  • Don’t create a group based on your company.
  • Instead, create a group based on the industry or niche your company serves.
  • Best Practices for Group Messages
  • Groups allow you to send bulk messages to all of your members.
  • Joining Groups
  • Creating and managing your own group can be time consuming.
  • The alternative is to join groups related closely to your niche, where your customers are also members.
  • It’s good manners to abide by the rules of any group you join, so be sure to adhere to whatever policies they’ve set up.


Advantages: Free and high levels of engagement.

Disadvantages: Can be very time consuming.





Facebook isn’t just powerful……..It’s flexible.




No matter what type of company you run, it has enough different marketing options that you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit your company, your budget, and your time constraints.








If it’s not a current part of your marketing campaign, it should be.





Set aside some time to tinker around, start a few test campaigns, and see what happens.




Like anything, it takes practice to get good at it.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. HI Joan,
    Good one. Yes, Facebook is important not only because of there being a lot of people there but also it’s a free way to reach people. When new people start out most need to find free places to do things for their business and you just gave that to them.



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