Are Your Fans Devouring Your Social Media Images?

How To Get Your Fans To Devour Your Social Media Images










Millions of visuals are shared every day on Social Media





News feeds are moving so fast & the noise is so loud on social media it is a wonder that you or anyone else can keep up. 




How can you possibly stand out among all the noise?





The answer lies in snacks…..No….Not the popcorn or chocolate kind of snacks….





Visual snacks…..snackable social media images!








How does snackable visual content cut through the noise to catch attention, drive engagement & traffic?







“By providing people with small, easily digestible images that convey information visually…..says Donna Moritz , (a social media strategist & visual marketing specialist)…..Snackable visual content lets us recognize stuff we love quickly, process it, make a decision about it & share it with our friends… without taking much time, effort or thought”. 









 Here are 3 ways that can help you stand out through all the noise and catch attention from Donna Moritz, guest blogger for Post Planner




1. Give Your Fans Snacks When They’re Hungry

  • In a mobile world, we have the option to log on to Facebook or Instagram when we have a second or two.
  • For many people those “free” times are in the mornings or the evenings or when we take a break during the day.
  • It’s the best time to “snack” on content that grabs our attention, especially visual content.
  • Post awesome, original images consistently, and your page will be put on the hit lists of other pages to share from it.
  • Post awesome, original images consistently, and other pages will return to your page regularly to share the cool stuff you post on Facebook.




2. Stick to the Recipe

  • With so many social platforms & feeds, it’s vital that you take a step back & understand the nature of the platform you’re playing on.
  • There’s a “recipe” for what works on each social platform.
  • Stick to the recipe & people will “snack” on your visual content.
  • And you’ll get shares.
  • Stray from the recipe, and, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re just interrupting people’s entertainment:

If we want to talk to people while they consume their entertainment, we have to actually be their entertainment.

Snacking on Facebook

  • The reality is that people aren’t coming to Facebook to be sold to… they’re coming to catch up with friends or family & to be entertained.
  • So as Gary says, “be their entertainment”. 
  • Provide humorous, nostalgic or quirky content in a visual format, so that people can snack on it & share it.
  • If you provide tips or how-to information, do it in a visually fun way that not only catches fans’ attention but encourages them to share.
  • Getting to know how your fans think & what content they love takes time. 


Snacking on Instagram

  • Going beyond the popular sunsets, landscapes, & animal shots, Instagram is all about “taking us with you”.
  • Think mobile — take photos of your team & behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as you go about your day – they all provide snackable visual content on Instagram.
  • Your fans truly want to be a fly on your wall.


Snacking on Google+

  • Google+ users love images.
  • But there’s something special about the Google+ community.
  • They like detail, fun facts & conversation.
  • While G+ users will happily snack on images alone, don’t be afraid to add some “did you know” information to your photo.
  • In short, post the type of content you like to see, and chances are, others will Like, heart, +1 or retweet your stuff!



3. Blog in Bite-Sized Snacks

  • It’s the best place to house your visual content.
  • There are many ways to make your visual content “snackable” on your blog.
  • Here are just a few:

Break Your Blog Content Up with “Snackable” Images

  • This will:
  • highlight important information
  • provide a visual “snapshot” of an idea, concept or story
  • make your posts scannable & easily digested, allowing readers to draw on pictures as well as words to tell the story

Add Shareable “Flavor” to at Least One Image

  • By adding text to images, even a word or 2, it helps add context to the image:
  • allowing the image to stand alone should it be pinned to Pinterest & separated from your blog
  • giving your team a way to easily repurpose visual content on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (depending on image size & message)
  • enticing people to visit your blog via Pinterest or other social media websites
  • Include a Pinterest Hover Button on your blog.
  • When fans hover over images with their mouse it pops up to remind them to pin.





What helpful, stand-alone, engaging, “shareable” graphics can you create? 

  • If you’re feeling creatively challenged, try using some of these tools:
  • Canva for creating images + micrographics
  • Piktochart to create some really cool DIY infographics using templates
  • WordSwag for quick quote & tip images on the run (it’s an iphone app)






Remember, how the snackable graphic helps someone or drives people to your blog is more important than how pretty it looks.  





Snackable visual content is engaging & digestible (easily processed).





It should become a consistent part of your social media strategy.





Start thinking more like a fan & provide content snacks. 





Just remember to feed fans their snacks in the ways they like to consume content! 










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Sharing Is Caring!





To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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  1. I need to use a lot more images for Facebook. You’re right; I get way more engagement when I post original pictures about my kids doing hands-on learning, which is what my page is about. Good reminder!

  2. I liked the “snacking” analogy. I don’t use images enough. Too bad I couldn’t configure my blog or Facebook page to do a 3D print of chocolate when someone visited. Maybe one day….

  3. I love that analogy with snacks, Joan! You are so right, people are much more visual nowadays. Actually I think we’ve always been visual creatures, just now we have more ability to be creative with visuals, and we’re bombarded with so many nowadays, people are just grazing through them all. Great post!

  4. Give me this day my daily Joan. I guess, in your terminology, your blogs are my “snack food” – though the analogy breaks down when there is so much goodness to digest. Thank you again for your constant stream of implementable usefulness. Oh, and by the way, the best part I have found from increasing my attention to, and use of, images – I have more fun from following the “visual dotted line”. Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, Joan for being the YOU that you are! prp

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