The FASTEST Way to Get More Subscribers…..

What Is The FASTEST Way To Get More Subscribers?








The fastest way to get more subscribers is to optimize your landing pages……simple as that





Many blogs and other sites don’t use dedicated opt in pages to get people in their email lists.





Opt-in landing pages are by far the most effective way to turn visitors to subscribers.









Here are the three most common reasons for low conversion:


  1. Headlines that don’t talk directly to the reader.

  2. Copy (text of the page) that doesn’t prove the value of the subscription.

  3. Lacking credibility.


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Here are a few key points to think about when you are designing your landing page:






The Headline

  • Focus on how the readers see their problems/dreams.

  • Be specific enough to convince the reader that there is value to come.


  • As the visitors aren’t usually very familiar with whom you are, you need to convince them of your expertise.

  • Use testimonials if you can, or write a long enough page to prove your expertise with it.

Clear and Simple Design

  • A good landing page is clear and simple to understand.

Make The Value Obvious

  • No one will ever say, “It was too easy to understand what I’m going to get if I subscribe.”

  • But a major part of your visitors will leave without taking action if they’re not sure what they’ll get.






Do You Have an Opt In Page That Is Optimized To Get More Subscribers?






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