Final Destination For Your Market………Your Site

Make Your Site the Final Destination for Your Market












How To Make Your Site The Final Destination For Your Market





 Why do you blog?


Is it for traffic and attention?


“One of the major reasons companies and individuals create content is to increase their share of attention, to build credibility, and to grow an audience”……says Chris Garrett


Becoming the number one destination for your market is no easy task.


How do you get your site to become a major destination for your market?






Here are Chris Garrett’s 6 tips to help you step it up to becoming the number one go to site in your niche …










1. Go Beyond “Daily Content” if You Want to Stand Out

Stop thinking about blogging, or article marketing, or just turning out content. 

  • It’s not about just sticking to a regular schedule of content but about creating something beyond everyone else in your niche.
  • Talk to your target market and find out what they want and need. Don’t just write articles for the sake of it.
  • Edit for flow, spellings, grammar, and readability.
  • Lay out the articles attractively with images, subheadings, break outs, pull quotes, links and bullets.



2. Create Truly Valuable Resources

Your reputation will be built on sharing content that people want to consume and share.

Ask yourself the following questions when looking at your content:

  • Will the visitor come away having learned something useful?
  • Is this the best article we could create on this topic?
  • Are we using compelling headlines, stories and structure?

Destination sites create content that matters, that lasts, and that has impact.



3. Write Content with Personality, Interaction and Character

  • Audio, video, webinars, live events, even just comments and social media, all combine to convey connection and personality, but only if they are built with that in mind.
  • People will be much more likely to become advocates if they feel connected and valued rather than mere consumers.



4. Create a Compelling Customer Experience

You need to make it easy and enjoyable to interact with your website.

  • Implement a design that works in mobile, or install a mobile plugin to take control of the mobile experience. More and more people are browsing the web using non-desktop devices!
  • Use large fonts so that people can read more easily.
  • Make information easy to find, through navigation, labels, linking and search.
  • Add large, impactful images that help tell the story.
  • Encourage interaction so readers feel a part of the experience.


Most importantly you must have friendly and approachable human beings manning your social media accounts and email!




5. Social Sharing and Google

What you have to remember is even when taking into account Social and Google, it is human beings who share, link and search.

  • Getting indexed is job number 1 with Google.
  • If you want to rank, then Google needs to be able to see all your content.
  • Using persistent navigation, categories, tags, and related (or most popular) content can all aid spiders and visitors to find more of the content they are looking for.
  • A visitor MUST be able to navigate around.
  • Remember to have a meaningful “page not found” landing page for when things go wrong!

Create landing pages that serve to …

  1. Educate your audience – Aggregate all your best information about a topic in one place. For example, you might talk about condos, or you might talk about specific communities.
  2. Attract search traffic – Optimise the page to your sought after keywords and link to the page a LOT.
  3. Get social shares – Give call to actions to encourage sharing.



6. Remember … Retention!

  • A big part of becoming THE destination is not just the attraction part but the retention aspect.
  • Get people to join your email list!
  • Email is the number one way you can have future attention
  • If you can’t get them on your list, at least give people reasons to follow you in social media so you can continue the connection.








Becoming the must have resource of your market does not come easily, and it does not come from doing the same things everyone else does.



Take it one step at a time and focus on your audience!






If you enjoyed this post, and found TONS OF VALUE from these 6 tips to becoming the final destination for your market, please take a moment and share…..Thank You!



Sharing Is Caring!



To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

0 Replies to “Final Destination For Your Market………Your Site”

  1. Chris makes awesome points Joan because interacting and personalizing makes you a top dawg in your niche.

    Create videos. I post 10 to 20 videos on my blog daily. People love interacting and love you being real, human and authentic. Be real. Interact through more than words.

    Drive your business by realizing who drives business 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Writing with personality and giving your readers a great experience is now number one in my book..

    You want to show that you are human and you’re unique. humans connect with humans and can relate to the human experience.

    If you focus on human nature then you’re bound to attract more people so that you can pick and choose.

    Thanks Joan!

  3. I like #1 that talks about creating content beyond what others in your niche are doing. Be sure that your content is valuable. Consider what your target audience would like to know about that particular subject area you’re writing about and deliver the goods.

    These are powerful tips, Joan. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Joan,

    I agree with you in becoming the must have resource of your market does not come easy and it doesn’t. Just because everyone else is doing it does mean it comes from the same things that everyone else does.

    Taking baby steps and progressing is where the focus needs to be and also engaging with your audience is just as important.

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