How To Find Clarity In Your Social Media Strategy

Do You Have Clarity On Your Social Media Strategy?







What do you need to do to get clarity on your social media strategy?




Taking time to step back and look at the foundation of your social media strategy creates the type of clarity and focus for your day-to-day activities, which will help get results that impact your business in the long-term.




“Your reasons for being on social media are yours and yours alone…….From building your list to boosting your sales, having a strong connection with your own and your customer’s “why” when it comes to social media will go a long way towards your success”……says Sophie Bujold a social media strategist and speaker for small businesses who focuses on taking a strategic approach to social media success.




There is simply no shortage of social media experts giving advice on what platforms to use, specific tips and tools, and providing updates on the latest developments.




Most of us tend to get caught up in the “how” of social media when the real focus should be on the “why”.




Without understanding your “why” for social media, you can easily become disconnected from the true clarity and foundation of your social media strategy.






Here are the 3 things expert social media advice can’t tell you from Sophie Bujold, social strategist, guest blogger Firepole Marketing



1.  Why You Are Using Social Media

  • Simply being on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ because you should be is not good enough.
  • To get clear on your why, tie it back to your business goals.
  • How can social media play a role in supporting every aspect of your business, from generating more sales to extending your customer service reach to connecting with key influencers in your market?
  • With a clear goal in mind, you can pick the right platform and activities for your business, with a focus on setting objectives that are SMART – specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related.
  • Focusing in on SMART goals that are related to things such as your sales or growing your email list will have a greater impact on your business than worrying about how to get your Facebook page to 10,000 followers.


2.  What the Needs of Your Ideal Customer Are

  • At some point in your business, you likely went through an exercise of figuring out the needs, desires and pain points of your ideal customer.
  • For your social media, you want to build on this profile so you can decide how to best meet your goals.
  • Start by figuring out how your ideal customer consumes information and in what format
  • You want to dive into where your ideal customer may hang out in the social media world.
  • Research the demographic and psychographic information of each social platform.
  • Start by using Google to see what information you can find on each network.
  • If you aren’t sure where to go, stop and evaluate your current social media presence.
  • Here are a few ways you can easily do that:
  • Follow the Numbers: Where do you get the most engagement or meet with the most success? Use tools such as Facebook Insights to see where your posts may be succeeding or missing the mark.  Where do you get the most opt-ins to your list or comments, shares or likes? Tracking these numbers can help give you clues about what’s working and where you may need to fine tune.
  • Survey Your Community: Survey your current list or social media followers to find out where they like to hang out, what platforms they enjoy and how they use them. The more intelligence you have, the better! You can use a tool such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to gather this information quickly.
  • With this information, you can start making clear decisions about where your customers are congregating online.
  • These platforms should be your focus.
  • And you can start building a plan to best serve your clients on each one with the most appropriate content and engagement strategies.


3.  What Social Networks You Enjoy Using

  • One of the most commonly held pieces of social media advice is to “be everywhere,” so we sign up for many platforms.
  • Instead of being on multiple platforms and doing a mediocre (or even poor) job, it is much more effective to focus on one or two networks and be a powerhouse.
  • Deciding where to focus should take into account what social networks you or your team enjoy using.
  • While you are behind the screen, your enthusiasm comes through.
  • Don’t force networks that just don’t work for you.
  • You are naturally going to gravitate to some platforms and dislike others, and that’s okay.
  • If possible, incorporate that into your social media strategy.





Taking time to step back and look at the foundation of your social media strategy creates the type of clarity and focus for your day-to-day activities, which will help get results that impact your business in the long-term.




Remember this……..

No Expert Can Tell You Why You’re On Social Media








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