How To Find The People Who Want and Need Your Products or Services

Where Do You Find Those People That Want and Need Your Products or Services?



It’s not easy to find the right people who want and need your products.


But, those people are out there, and you’re ready to help them, right?




The issue is targeting the right audience with your content, your products, and your services.





“You may be attracting traffic, but they’re not converting and leading to sales”……..says Michael Karp, in his post “How to Find Your Customer’s Pain Points”


It all starts with discovering your customer’s pain points, and by centering your marketing strategy around their needs.


Read on to find Michael’s 4 proven methods that you can use in your own business to help you to find the “right” people…..


Method#1 – The “5 Why’s” Method for Finding Your Customer’s Pain Points

  • The “5 Why’s Method” is a way to hook more readers into your blog content.
  • Here’s how it works:
  • You determine what your audience is going through, what they’re struggling with.
  • You prove to them that you understand it.
  • You genuinely care about their problems and want to help them.
  • You start with a surface-level issue they need solving, and you ask them “Why?” five times to pull out the pain points associated with it. (Kind of like when you were a kid, asking “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” to annoy your parents. Same deal, but with a much more profound purpose.)
  • If business owners don’t understand their customer’s pain points, how are these people going to get their problems solved?
  • So it’s your responsibility, your duty, to identify these pain points and deliver products and services that cure them.
  • Actions to take:
  • Talk to your current customers. Ask them these questions. Have a genuine interest in finding out what problems plague their lives and how you can help them.
  • Take your efforts to Google. Find Frequently Asked Questions related to your industry. This is a good starting point. FAQs arise because they address common concerns of a general audience. However, they are surface-level, so use them to dig deeper.


Method #2 – Find Out What Your Customers Are Reading, and Discover the Problems They’re Trying to Solve

  • Whether big issues or small, you’ll gain insight into your customers by reading what they read, learning what they’re trying to learn, and tailoring this information to your content, your products, and your services.
  • How to find what your customers are reading:
  • Do a Google search for trade magazines, such as: + . (“construction management magazine”)
  • Do a Google search for blogs discussing your industry, using the same method as #1. (“construction management blog”)
  • Hop on Quora and Reddit and do a search for threads on your industry.
  • Grab an issue of your local newspaper and scan for stories and sections that would resonate with your audience.
  • With each medium, identify the pain points afflicting your customers, and incorporate them into your content marketing strategy, marketing efforts, and how you sell your products and services (right down to the writing on the home page of your website).


Method#3 – What Are Your Customers Talking About on Social Media? That’s Your Insider Information

  • Cultural issues spread like wildfire.
  • Status updates about pissed off drivers and terrible customer service make their rounds in the social landscape.
  • Groups form, communities come together, and people discuss some of the most pressing issues plaguing their lives.
  • Head over to the main social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, etc) and do a simple search for your target audience.
  • From there, look for groups, pages, profiles, and/or hashtags they have formed.
  • You’ll get a direct route into the minds of the people you serve, and the customers who truly want and need what you have to offer.


Method#4 – Keyword Research (What Are Your Customers Searching For on the Internet? (Answer: Solutions to Their Pain Points)

  • Suggestions for conducting keyword research:
  • Search for keywords and phrases related to your industry (typically 1-3 words in length)
  • Fire up an excel spreadsheet and record the top searched keywords and how often they’re searched for
  • Don’t worry too much about exact numbers. Use your results to get a relative idea of what is being searched for most often. Those are your key pain points.
  • Choose 4-6 keywords or phrases to target in your content marketing strategy
  • Take note of how these keywords relate to your products and services
  • Some free services to use (most services have paid options, as well):
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Wordtracker
  • SEMRush
  • SEOBook
  • Try out each service, decide which ones you like best, and use them to conduct future research as well.
  • Keyword research is one of the most powerful market research tools we have at our disposal.


In conclusion:

Remember that your customer’s pain points are the driving forces behind their need for your products and services. They spark the buying process. They spark the thoughts that go something like, “Man, this has been bothering me for way too long. I need to check out some companies that sell this product.


Which company should I choose?” That company is you. That business is you. That person is you. But in order for them to find you, you have to cater to their needs with a genuine interest in solving their problems.


It’s all about knowing what’s going on in the minds of your readers/customers and helping them see that you get them, and can help them



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