How To Find The Right Mentor

Why Is Having A Mentor SO Important?








No matter how smart you are, or how brilliant or disruptive your business concept might be, every entrepreneur needs a good mentor.





“Someone, somewhere, has already been through what you are experiencing right now, and he has come out the other side armed with invaluable insights”……says Richard Branson







How do you find the right mentor?




Here are a 4 tips from Richard Branson to help you find the mentor that is just right for you




Tip #1.  Talk to people

  • Listen to their stories
  • Pursue further meetings with those whom you can learn from.


Tip #2.  Online.

  • Look for sector– or industry-specific events and groups on Facebook
  • Subscribe to useful newsletters
  • Follow interesting or relevant individuals on Twitter or LinkedIn; then get in touch and ask questions


Tip #3.  Choose someone who has experience and connections within your area and level of business.

  • Focus on finding someone who has started a venture that’s similar to yours, and who understands the trials and tribulations of building a business in that area.
  • Keep in mind that an adviser who offers his time in return for compensation is not the same thing as a mentor.
  • While advisers and consultants can be very helpful, true mentors are effective partly because they are only interested in helping others succeed.


Tip #4.  Don’t yet have someone in mind yet?

  • Make a list of successful people in your community.
  • Is there someone on that list whom you admire and respect?
  • When you do decide to approach someone, make sure that you don’t go in blind – know what you want to ask.
  • Explain what excites you about your service or product, be honest about your fears, and ask for feedback.





When you do locate a good mentor, he/she will serve as an example, a sounding board and, ultimately, a friend.




Done well, mentorship is rewarding for both of you.




It’s important to nurture the relationship, so find fun ways to meet regularly, even without a business agenda.







If you are in a position to share the skills you have learned, you should give back by becoming a mentor yourself.




Finding success is hard work, and entrepreneurs could use a little help along the way.




 Zig Ziglar once said: “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”





So, what are are waiting for……..get out there and find the right mentor to help you along the path to success.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Find The Right Mentor”

  1. I’m lucky. The writing community if full of helpful people willing to give you a hand. I’m blessed to know a couple of successful authors who have become friends. It’s wonderful to have their experiences to guide me as I pass through the various phases of publishing.

  2. This is so timely. I have two mentors already.. a spiritual one, one that helps me think of ways to monetize my brand… and I met another mentor that is a publicist. And a therapist… I have been meaning to reach out to her… She has an in with the audience I am trying to reach and this simply reminded me to send her an email to connect.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Joan, I totally agree with you and love your points. I didn’t have a mentor through 10 years of business building. I learned so much the hard way. I just didn’t know where to go and my business stalled and plateaued for a long time. I now have a business coach and its so helpful! I’ve also found there are so many more places to receive “mentoring” through coaches, programs, forums and free blog content from people who have built businesses online now.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you appreciate that 🙂

      I totally agree with you as well that there are so many more places to receive mentoring through coaches, programs, forums and free blog content from people who have built businesses online…….

      Thank you!!

  4. This is applicable in all areas of our lives, not just in career. We need to look for someone who’s “been there done that” so we’ll have an idea what to expect and what to do when something comes along.

    You’re a great mentor too, Joan. I learn a lot from reading your posts. 🙂

    Keep it up!

  5. Hey Joan – Another great and informative post – yes there is a lot of great learning and there are a lot of great teachers – finding one that we ‘click’ with is how I’ve found my great mentors – Big hugs and lotsa love – 🙂

  6. Joan: What a great choice of topic today. It is key for anyone desiring success to find the RIGHT mentor. Not just anybody who will take them under their wing, but the RIGHT one. Having Zig Ziglar and Richard Branson on your side is icing on the cake. So I love both your tips on “how to find” and your observations about what happens “when you do find”, the latter being a great way to test whether the people we have chosen as mentors really are? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, prp

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