How To Find The Success You Deserve

If you want to find the success that you deserve, here are 5 things you need to do differently




No matter what your individual definition of success may be, finding it can often be a challenge. Whether its career success, monetary success or something in between, most people have a certain level of accomplishment that they want to reach in their lives.


“However, many fail to reach that magical level of success and have no idea why”……says Stan Bril,


Do you feel that this is you, too?


Did you know that there ARE a few things that you can do differently now to change your current course of action and find the success that you deserve.



Here Are 5 Things You Need to Do Differently:


1. Stop looking for a perfect strategy

  • The truth is, there is never a perfect time to do anything, and there is no such thing as a perfect strategy.
  • Many people fail to start β€œdoing” the things they need to do, because they spend so much time planning.
  • The only way to start a strategy is to get out there and take the first step.
  • You can tweak and improve along the way but getting out and doing will be much more beneficial than spending all of your time trying to find the ideal strategy.

2. Stop seeing problems, start seeing opportunities

  • If you start looking at hurdles that come up as problems, you can put yourself in a negative mindset that will prevent you from finding success.
  • If you instead start looking at these obstacles as opportunities, you can start finding more success.
  • Take the challenge of approaching every problem and instantly calling it an opportunity.
  • It can be hard to find opportunities in some problems, but if you look hard enough, there are positives even in the most overwhelming of issues.

3. Stop the information overload

  • Some people unfortunately find they spend too much time gathering information on how to succeed.
  • When people do this too much, they can struggle with what is known as information overload.
  • When you have too much information, you can suffer from paralysis by analysis and all of the research you have done can actually hurt instead of help.
  • Nothing is as powerful as taking action and getting started.

4. Stop focusing so much on entertainment

  • While all people love to be entertained in a certain manner, society spends far too much time focusing on entertainment, instead of education.
  • While you should always have you personal time outside of your professional life, many people spend too much time watching television, gossiping, playing video games and reading celebrity news.
  • Doing this too much can prevent you from staying focused on your goals and your success.
  • Spend your personal time entertaining yourself by consuming educational materials for personal growth.
  • It will pay off in the long run and help you enjoy your personal time in a way that is still beneficial to your overall success.

5. Stop looking at the short term

  • Focusing on short-term accomplishments can actually get in your way when it comes to finding the substantial success you seek in life.
  • This is something that many people struggle with, as there is nothing wrong with fulfilling short-term accomplishments but this shouldn’t be your focus.
  • You should always be focusing on laying down a strong foundation for long-term growth.
  • You can do this in a number of ways.
  • Start looking at everything you do as a long-term investment.
  • Invest in your education, the future and do your best to ignore the appeal of instant gratification.


This can take practice, but you can condition yourself to no longer find the same appeal in instant gratification.


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Find The Success You Deserve”

  1. Well said. While all of your points were important, I think what people miss the most is that the answers are within. Yes, it is important to educate ourselves and work with coaches and mentors, but at some point it’s not about them and all about what we want to create. I have had clients get really stuck trying to comply with things they have learned, when their best creations come from those moments when they pause and ask themselves what feels right. Pair that with action and magic happens.

  2. I am soooo guilty of planning my time away to the point where I don’t accomplish my goals. I’m getting better about just letting go of the need to micromanage myself… not 100% by a long shot, though, at this point.

  3. Beautiful post, Joan – right up my alley – and one thing I’ve done without thinking in finances was long term – but never can do enough! I love each point – Big hug, Coach Donna

  4. Fantastic Post Joan! It really spoke to me.

    I was always hung up on #1 – finding the PERFECT strategy.

    It’s not the marketing strategy that will give you success…

    It’s disciplined THOUGHT and disciplined ACTION that leads you to success

    Dr. Lisa

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