How To Find The Voice That Resonates With Your Audience

Do You Know How To Find The Voice That Resonates With Your Audience?




So, how do you find the voice that resonates with your audience?


As a writer, your goal is to find that voice that resonates with your audience in hopes that they will relate to what you are saying in your copy…..



thinkaboutitThe most influential voice is the voice resonating with its audience.


“Instead of a self-centered search for your innate voice, you can turn to your audience, start conversations, and develop your writing voice in interaction, over time”…….says Henneke



When you stop searching for your innate voice, then you can focus on your audience instead….and here is how you can do that:


empathy21. Practice empathy by nurturing your empathetic skills

  • When we practice empathy and connect with our audience, our voice becomes stronger because we discover what resonates and what doesn’t.
  • Real empathy starts with a desire to help.  Instead of making people more insecure, suggest: If this is your problem and you feel like this, then this product may be able to help”……says Henneke 
  • To nurture your empathy skills, start with letting go of the idea that all humans are inherently selfish, and acknowledge that empathy is part of human nature that helps us build connections and friendships.
  • Start viewing your readers as unique individuals and seeing them as individuals because it will become easier to take their perspective. It will help us to see why they’re stumbling and how we can help.



Empathy is the art of stepping imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actions ~ Roman Krznaric


2. Allow ideas to germinate

  • You can have a detailed editorial calendar and plan how you’ll monetize your blog before you start.
  • It’s a common and valid strategy.
  • But you can also start a journey.
  • Connect with your audience and discover where it leads to.
  • Over time, your ideas and your voice become stronger.


3. Improve your communication skills

  • The basic requirements of good writing are:
  • Write with substance
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Avoid wordiness and weak words
  • Once you’ve covered the basics, you’re ready to start experimenting.
  • Learn how word choice, rhythm and punctuation define your voice.
  • Start telling stories and use metaphors to make your writing more personal.
  • Writing brings clarity, deepens our understanding, strengthens our ideas.
  • So, focus on writing well by experimenting and interacting with your words.




An empathy-based business puts its audience on center stage:

  • Don’t see your blog as a sales tool, but as an opportunity to connect
  • Don’t write to impress but to help; building your authority is a by-product of being helpful and inspirational
  • Don’t put short-term business goals (“we must get more subscribers”) above creating engaging experiences—why annoy web visitors with popups to satisfy your short-term business goals?
  • Respect your audience and give buyers the power to decide whether the product is right for him or not
  • The main purpose of connecting with your audience is not just to craft better messages but to compose content that is meaningful by creating products and services that will truly help them.



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Remember that each and every person reading your content is ONE individual person.




Ask questions.


Empathy is about creating meaningful connections and learning to understand another person’s perspective and it makes your work more rewarding.  Because empathy is at the core of human relationships.


And human relationships make life worth living.




Need help with figuring out how to have an empathy-based business…..CLICK HERE NOW!




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