How To Find The Voice That Resonates With Your Audience

Do You Know How To Find The Voice That Resonates With Your Audience?




So, how do you find the voice that resonates with your audience?


As a writer, your goal is to find that voice that resonates with your audience in hopes that they will relate to what you are saying in your copy…..



thinkaboutitThe most influential voice is the voice resonating with its audience.


“Instead of a self-centered search for your innate voice, you can turn to your audience, start conversations, and develop your writing voice in interaction, over time”…….says Henneke



When you stop searching for your innate voice, then you can focus on your audience instead….and here is how you can do that:


empathy21. Practice empathy by nurturing your empathetic skills

  • When we practice empathy and connect with our audience, our voice becomes stronger because we discover what resonates and what doesn’t.
  • Real empathy starts with a desire to help.  Instead of making people more insecure, suggest: If this is your problem and you feel like this, then this product may be able to help”……says Henneke 
  • To nurture your empathy skills, start with letting go of the idea that all humans are inherently selfish, and acknowledge that empathy is part of human nature that helps us build connections and friendships.
  • Start viewing your readers as unique individuals and seeing them as individuals because it will become easier to take their perspective. It will help us to see why they’re stumbling and how we can help.



Empathy is the art of stepping imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actions ~ Roman Krznaric


2. Allow ideas to germinate

  • You can have a detailed editorial calendar and plan how you’ll monetize your blog before you start.
  • It’s a common and valid strategy.
  • But you can also start a journey.
  • Connect with your audience and discover where it leads to.
  • Over time, your ideas and your voice become stronger.


3. Improve your communication skills

  • The basic requirements of good writing are:
  • Write with substance
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Avoid wordiness and weak words
  • Once you’ve covered the basics, you’re ready to start experimenting.
  • Learn how word choice, rhythm and punctuation define your voice.
  • Start telling stories and use metaphors to make your writing more personal.
  • Writing brings clarity, deepens our understanding, strengthens our ideas.
  • So, focus on writing well by experimenting and interacting with your words.




An empathy-based business puts its audience on center stage:

  • Don’t see your blog as a sales tool, but as an opportunity to connect
  • Don’t write to impress but to help; building your authority is a by-product of being helpful and inspirational
  • Don’t put short-term business goals (“we must get more subscribers”) above creating engaging experiences—why annoy web visitors with popups to satisfy your short-term business goals?
  • Respect your audience and give buyers the power to decide whether the product is right for him or not
  • The main purpose of connecting with your audience is not just to craft better messages but to compose content that is meaningful by creating products and services that will truly help them.



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Remember that each and every person reading your content is ONE individual person.




Ask questions.


Empathy is about creating meaningful connections and learning to understand another person’s perspective and it makes your work more rewarding.  Because empathy is at the core of human relationships.


And human relationships make life worth living.




Need help with figuring out how to have an empathy-based business…..CLICK HERE NOW!




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

35 Replies to “How To Find The Voice That Resonates With Your Audience”

  1. This is helpful for starter and experienced bloggers. I didn’t realize how different people write until I started accepting guest bloggers on my organizing site. Some were very close to my writing style and others were not. I agree that it is a good idea to figure out how you write. This will help your readers know what to expect on your blog posts. It also helps eliminate confusion too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback and comment Sabrina! Absolutely by having the voice that resonates with your reader, they will know what to expect from you and will help them to not get confused 🙂

  2. I recall reading about empathy writing some time again and was pleased. It resonated with me as that is my natural way & I’ve been trained as a counselor. I have applied it to my jewelry blogs and like the approach.

  3. Voice is such an elusive beast, Joan, but what a great method for honing one’s in relationship to readers. It’s something as a novelist I’m keenly aware of, although I’m not sure I always remember it 🙂 I love number one about fostering your empathetic skills. Great tools!

  4. These are great tips for finding a voice that resonates with your readers Joan. I especially like your advice not to think of your blog as a sales tool but as an opportunity to connect and you are right, human relationships make life worth living. I keep asking myself about including popups on my blog – even though most really annoy me when I come across them. I think I have my answer now. Thank you.

  5. Good stuff.. my voice though… it’s just me… it’s the only one I’ve got.. can’t change it.. lol I write like I talk and talk like I write…. so well, ya know… it’s me… good stuff though, thank you.

  6. Hey Joan!
    I love all your tips for finding a voice that resonates with your audience! For me, well I learned to jest be myself and I write like I talk HEHE It just works for me.

    Great Share My Friend.
    Chery :))

  7. I have really enjoyed writing my blog… It was painful at first, but is getting easier every week! As I am just building my tribe, I look forward to connecting with and learning about my readers!

  8. Excellent points re empathy. People do business with people they know, like and trust — and what better way to achieve all three than to be your authentic self and focus on others?

  9. Finding and honing our communication skills is definitely a key to building a loyal tribe, Joan. I think coming from a place of empathy and creating conversations is really what defines us as a human being. It takes practice and it requires us to ‘listen” keenly to others too. And it takes practice to hone our voice and to attract a following who resonates with what you have to share. Thanks for the tips in this post, as this is truly the crux of good communication as a writer.

    1. Thank you Beverley! Yes, it does take practice to hone our voice and attract a following that resonates with what we have to share 🙂 Appreciate your feedback and comment….always appreciated 🙂

  10. Hi Joan,

    You’re right, empathy is so important. It’s all about finding people who you understand because you’ve been through similar struggles and empathise with what they’re going through and what they want.

    I also think, taking time to decide what you want out of your blogging business is important because, not only does it give you focus, it can help you decide what training (and who to pick) you need.

    For me, helping me build my blog has been taking time out to decide what I wanted out of my blog and then, finding that group of people I understand because I’ve been through the similar struggles and can appreciate what they want. People are drawn more to those who understand them and share a common bond, especially in struggles.

    Thanks Joan

    – Tom

    1. Hi Tom 🙂

      Absolutely agree! People are more drawn to those that understand them and share a common bond 🙂 Thanks so much for your feedback and comment! Very much appreciated 🙂

  11. Hi

    Great that you have shared this post. Every marketer knows that resonating with his audience builds stronger relationship and business but the issue has always been how to resonate with an audience.

    You have given insight to this issue and your tips are spot on. Having empathy for people and communication does the job so well. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  12. I have always had an innate desire to help people. I can tell as I read more about what works in marketing and social media I feel myself moving away from being real, being me. Thanks for the reminder. I truly want to help my clients live healthy lives. I know how illness can affect your life and how doing things to look and feel better can change your life. I don’t want people to feel stuck, there is another way. I just have to make sure I am being real. Thanks.

    1. Being real and authentic is what it is all about Karen 🙂 Definately makes us more relatable to our audience when they feel we understand them 🙂 Thanks for you awesome feedback 🙂

  13. Joan, this a great post on the importance of empathy. You had me hooked at the beginning with how our voice gets stronger as we connect with our audience. These are all very good points, and I hope that you expand on these and create an e-book.

  14. Joan – I recently read an article that talked about empathy. As it turns out, children who read fiction become more empathetic adults than children who do not. The ability to “get into” someone else’s story creates in the child a sense of empathy, which serves them throughout their lives. Interesting, huh?!

  15. Hi Joan,

    I do believe the empathy is a character traits needed in order to succeed as a blogger; however, it is not usually mentioned.
    that’s empathy. A blogger should have a sense of what their readers’ needs and wants are. If what we offer fulfills their needs, they become loyal.

  16. Hi Joan,

    We talk about empathy so often in counseling and therapy. In fact, research has found that beyond any specific method or modality of treatment, a therapist who show empathy create the greatest potential for client healing. However, I have never thought about empathy as an important quality for relating to my list and followers and potential customers. Maybe in the past this quality was not so important but nowadays with sheet amount of information thrown at us, we have all become a bit more leery and suspicious of being sold before we are ready or interested. But when someone shows empathy and we feel heard and understood, we become eager for more and will much more readily sign up or pay for the product or course.


    Dr. Erica

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