How To Find Your Writing Voice

The Truth About Finding Your Writing Voice




The key to developing a strong voice is to cut away the monotony, the boredom, the wordy sludge hiding your message.


Finding your writing voice is perhaps the biggest challenge we face as writers.  “A strong voice helps us stand out in a snot-green ocean of boring content”……says Henneke


A unique voice helps you bond with your readers, enticing them to come back to “hear” your voice again. An energetic voice makes us feel good about our writing.


But how?


How can you find your writing voice?


It is important to remember that your writing voice develops over time.


When you speak, your sentences are often unfinished.

You make grammar mistakes without anyone noticing.

You use words and phrases and even whole sentences that are redundant.


You know what I mean?


When you write you only have words to communicate your message.




Here are 4 ways detailed by Henneke, that will not only help you to strengthen your writing voice but help you to resonate with your audience as well, which as writers is what we want to accomplish.




1. Be concise

  • A strong voice starts with clarity of thought.
  • You need to know exactly what you want to communicate, so you can present your ideas clearly.
  • What do you want your reader to remember from your content? And what action should he take?
  • Can you explain this in one sentence?

2. Appeal to your reader

  • Good writing is a conversation with your reader.
  • You sneak into his mind because you want to answer his questions, help him with his struggles, overcome his objections to buying from you.
  • A strong voice speaks the reader’s language, uses the phrases the reader recognizes and understands.

3. Paint clear pictures

  • Sometimes you need to use more words to make an emotional connection.
  • To touch, tickle, and dazzle.
  • Stating the bare facts doesn’t communicate your message.
  • To connect with your readers, you need to make them feel your words.
  • Paint a picture in your reader’s mind.
  • Make your words more sensory and emotional.

4. Add rhythm to your writing

  • A monotone voice is flat and boring.
  • Without excitement. Without surprising the reader. Without stressing key points.
  • Mix long sentences with short sentences.
  • Use one-sentence paragraphs to stress certain points.


When you focus on concise and clear language, your voice will appear as by magic.


Your content will shimmer and shine.  And your readers will fall in love with you.



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0 Replies to “How To Find Your Writing Voice”

  1. Love this! I would also add – avoid the wall of text. Everyone needs to take a breath while speaking. Posts should reflect this as well. Breaking up the text with pictures or even paragraphs makes the experience so much better. Thanks, Joan!

  2. Excellent as always, Joan! As a freelance writer and doctoral candidate, I especially appreciate this post because I do a LOT of writing, as well as proofreading and editing. These points you mentioned are crucial. I also enjoy your blog, because it IS so well-written – many blogs I stop by to read, honestly, are NOT! Thanks again!

  3. Loved this post Joan…

    You need to find your voice and ROAR….

    Too many marketers today copycat each other and very few rise above the noise…

    Those that do, find their voice and they are the ones that command the audience and get the sales

    Dr. Lisa

  4. Excellent post, Joan! I’ve always heard you should write the way you speak. But you’re right — that’s NOT good writing.

    Good writing has the natural, smooth, easy flow of conversation — so it sounds like you, and not a copy of someone else. But it is cleaned up, tightened up and delivered in a better package.

  5. Love Henneke’s writing, she has real style, and I loved reading your insights here Joan.
    I’ve found that the more you write, the more likely it is that your voice will come through and you’ll discover what it truly sounds like, and then you have the job of removing the green snot 🙂

  6. Right now I am just writing from my heart, with a dab of experiences and flair of talent from a slightly educated point of view. I use to love writing and I would really love to get back to it. But that is the key in my case, just loving to get back to it isn’t enough. I want to know how not to feel board with doing it because of not having the passion to take the time.

    There is so much going on with me right now having to deal with my life as a co-dependent grandparent while praising GOD and praying about it. So when I write it gets peoples attention so much that I just be too tired to feed into it as the gift that GOD gave me. I have started doing Social Media for a little over 2 months now and I want to respond to everyone but there are so many people that it is just overwhelming. Plus I am just in the learning stage of how it works.

    With Social Media I only write when I am lead by the LORD to respond. Other than that I just send out other peoples Post to respond to helping them or type in AMEN! instead. At first when I began I would send out my own videos I made or input to a lot of dialogue with conversation. I felt that as long as I dealt with the same people long enough they got to know me but when new people came on board it was like an upheaval of what the overview was until they were on board for a while.

    That was really discouraging for me with Social Media in dealing with the masses such as that. Especially when people come on with the negativity and the porn who are not welcome. I have teens and children on my site and that is really flustering while administering the Word of GOD.
    Plus dealing with hackers, google hackers, threats, and you name it. But when people thank me for helping them or I have been helped as well; it makes up for all else I wish I could avoid.

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your insightful comment 🙂 Isn’t online marketing fun lol I know what you mean so many hackers, threats, scams……..It is a good thing when you have resources that others can trust 🙂 Definately when what you put out resonates with people it is a great feeling, I must agree 100%!

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