Are Your Followers Passionate About Your Content?

How Passionate Are Your Followers About Your Content?










If you want your followers to be more passionate about your content, you need to convince them you are worth it.





Right now, you are probably thinking….“So, how am I supposed to do that?”







Well, let me tell you how by sharing these 5 types of content, from  Nick Wilson,, that will help make your followers more than passionate about you and raise your brand awareness…….Listen up!






1. Instructional guides and how-to articles.

  • When people look for information on how to do something, they’re usually in the middle of a problem.
  • If you can provide them the information they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently, you’ll immediately save them from that problem.
  • Do that a handful of times consistently, and they’ll instantly associate you as a problem solver, falling in love with your brand.
  • The more detailed you can be, and the more you can stand out from your competitors, the better.



2. Case studies and stories.

  • People love to read stories.
  • There’s something psychologically addicting and compelling about stories that draw in a reader’s attention.
  • Plus, it gives you the opportunity to illustrate a complex topic or demonstrate a multifaceted problem in a way that is straightforward and approachable.
  • This type of content has a kind of immediate resonance with your readership, and if you can consistently execute that level of emotional connection, you can win the long-term loyalty and passion of your followers.
  • Case studies, specifically, can be an effective type of story as long as you present it the right way.
  • Like any story, case studies need to have a beginning, middle, and end, with a background, a problem, and an eventual solution.
  • Don’t make your case studies seem salesy, or they’ll turn your followers off.
  • Instead, focus on the logical, practical aspects of the story, and make it as personal and approachable as you can.
  • The key is to strike an emotion with a narrative.



3. Content that takes a strong stance.

  • Another type of content that generates passion is an article that takes a strong stance.
  • By “strong stance,” I mean that your article undeniably comes down on one side of a complex and divisive issue.
  • Brands that never take strong stances might have a slightly larger audience than brands that do, but those followers aren’t passionate or loyal.
  • Writing content that takes a firm stance in a familiar debate might alienate a few of your readers, but the rest of them will become enamored with your brand.
  • And in the end, it’s better to have a few dozen customers who care deeply about your brand than a few hundred who couldn’t care less about it.
  • Choose an issue that’s relevant to your company and industry, and make sure your article is grounded in verifiable facts and logical reasoning.



4. Original research and new insights.

  •  Original research posts take more time and money to develop, but they also get better results.
  • It’s a lot easier to look up information that someone else pulled and spin it into your own presentation than it is to plan, conduct, and analyze the research yourself.
  • But brands that do complete original research are immediately seen as thought leaders, paving the way for their competitors and contemporaries, and introducing brand-new information into the world.
  • Start by finding something that hasn’t yet been covered by your competitors.
  • You can look to similar industry blogs for inspiration by acknowledging what topics have already been covered and brainstorming about how to expand that scope.



5. Customer requested content.

  • Nothing makes users passionate about a brand as much as giving them exactly what they want.
  • Some content marketers fret over this idea, insisting that they can’t read their readers’ minds.
  • This is true.
  • But there’s nothing stopping you from asking your users what they’d like to read on your blog directly.
  • Get on social media and pose the question regularly: what types of content would you like to see more of on our blog?
  • If you want to be more subtle about it, create a survey or a quick poll that uncovers the interests and intentions of your followers.
  • Observe the trends amongst your user base and customize your strategy to fit their desires and expectations.
  • You might not be able to fulfill every request, but you should have enough information to start with.
  • If one follower goes out of their way to let you know about a specific topic, chances are that hundreds of other followers would also like to see it (but didn’t take the time to let you know).
  • Take user requests seriously, and fulfill them whenever you can.







Simply creating these types of content isn’t enough, you need to support this content by posting it regularly, and syndicating it to new readers through your social media channels.








Collect feedback at every turn, and think of what your followers would want when it’s time to make a new post or revise an old one.






That system of feedback is what makes good content great, and with passion-inspiring content like the examples above, you’ll have a loyal, dedicated audience that grows stronger and larger every day.










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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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