How To Gain More Confidence On Social Media

5 Tips To Help You Gain More Confidence On Social Media




Do you ever wish you had more confidence in your Social Media presence?


Is your lack of confidence showing on your Social Media



“Did you know that your personality and confidence (or lack thereof) can be read and felt by your audience?”………says Kim Garst



If there’s an area of your life or business that makes you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, here are 5 tips from Kim Garst, BoomSocial, that will help you gain more confidence on social media:


1. Think about how you’re making other people feel.

  • Have you ever been in the audience of a performance where the speaker or singer was painfully self-conscious and nervous?
  • Without realizing it, you probably started feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed, too.
  • Humans are affected by the energy of other humans.
  • That’s motivation to build and improve your confidence so you don’t affect your audience negatively.

2. Just do it.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt said “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
  • Do you remember the first time you drove a car or attempted to ride a bike?
  • It felt difficult and your confidence probably took a hit.
  • But as you continued to practice and do the thing, it naturally got easier.
  • From understanding how Twitter works to posting your opinion on your Facebook Page, it will get easier as you do….and do some more.
  • Repetition and familiarity increase confidence.

3. Nervousness and excitement are almost the same thing.

  • The physical sensations of being nervous and being excited are pretty close.
  • Harness that to your advantage.
  • The next time you’re tempted to say “I’m so nervous,” flip it around to “I’m so excited!”
  • You believe what you say more than you believe what anyone else says!
  • The energy of excitement is much more attractive to others than the energy of nerves on edge.

4. Knowledge and skill give you confidence.

  • If your confidence is being undermined because you’re not sure how to do something, you can fix that.
  • Find training for the skill you lack.
  • The internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities—both free and paid–to increase your skill and knowledge.
  • Google and YouTube are your friends.
  • Just remember that knowledge without practical application is useless.
  • Learn and do, learn and do—not learn, learn, learn.
  • And you don’t have to have all of the answers in advance, learn as you go!

5. Confidence is actually a habit.

  • It’s a habit of thinking and responding.
  • Allowing careless thoughts to affect your confidence is like poking holes in a bucket and then wondering why the water ran out.
  • To change your thought habits, get plenty of good input.
  • Stay aware of what you’re reading, watching and listening to.
  • What we’re allowing into our brains will either lift us up or bring us down.
  • Personal development is the cornerstone of success.


You owe it to the people you love and the people who need what you have to share to stop being self-conscious.


Don’t you feel more confident after reading this?


Confident people are attractive and winsome, no matter how they look.


That’s because they’re looking outside of themselves and people are drawn to them.


You can do the same, starting now.


Now go and enjoy your new found confidence!


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “How To Gain More Confidence On Social Media”

  1. I’m pretty good with Facebook, in terms of not being afraid to speak my opinion. But I’m still learning the ins and outs of Twitter. Slow but steady, right? I’ll get there!

  2. I so agree with each point here – Joan – since I’m an Intuitive, I have paid close attention to my energies and how they affect others -so love that point best! Big hugs – and would love to have you do another Guest Post!

  3. So much great advice here Joan, thanks for sharing. Audiences do pick up on energy, and the language we use shows our lack of confidence on social media. WE might think we’re confident, but our words indicate we’re hesitant, or even clueless when the reality is different. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s filled with actionable tips and advice x

  4. I love public speaking, and if I dare say I’ve become an engaging and entertaining speaker… but I never thought to compare it to how I’m running my social media biz. I think I am going to engage in a little experiment and see what a little bit of confidence does for my status updates, etc.
    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  5. great post Joan! Social is a great way to reach out to people for fun and business. If used properly, it’s a great way to build a large following and profitable business.


  6. Hi,
    The most difficult of these tips is the training. I can be confident, and enjoy learning new things and connecting with others, but sometimes I really am frightened of creating a vlog, for example. I know I need to do that. But it have to be ME. I can’t assign a technician to take that off my hands. That is where I am aiming to improve this year.
    Thanks so much for your points and I will continue to try to overcome my challenges with making a video blog.

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