How To Generate More Leads

Growing Your Business Means Getting More Leads





Your audience is your main source of leads.  No leads means no business.  And no business is no fun.


If you want to blast yourself towards a larger audience, ramp up your number of clients, skyrocket your sales, and inject your business with a euphoric surge of explosive growth then here are 5 ways from Firepole Marketing, to getting more leads that will help you nourish your business with a continual stream of new leads.


Lead Generator #1: Put Your Growth on Steroids with Guest Blogging

  • When done right, guest blogging can yield amazing returns.
  • Guest blogging offers a range of benefits.
  • It helps you build powerful relationships, improves your SEO, and puts you in front of a larger audience, which can lead to instant sales.
  • Action Step
  • Find 1-3 blogs where your audience hangs out, and read the comments and the popular posts to find what their readers like and what problems they’re facing. Then write guest posts on those blogs that connect the topic readers like with the topics on your blog. You’ll have stronger relationships, and you’ll be exposed to a fresh audience.

Lead Generator #2: Peacock Your Business With Direct Mail

  • Ever heard of Peacocking?  Me neither (lol)
  • It’s a technique used by pickup artists to describe the wearing of bright, loud, and flashy clothing to grab more attention from women.
  • You can use the same technique in your audience-based business to stand out from the crowd, by sending out physical mail with eye-catching attachments.
  • Your potential clients get a lot of emails from random organizations, all pleading with them for business.
  • You know what happens to most of those emails, right? They’re marked as junk and deleted.
  • But sending out physical mail with attachments launches you above the noise.
  • It radiates creativity, confidence and uniqueness, which increase the chances of your voice being heard.
  • Action Step
  • Find 1 unique way to capture the attention of your potential clients. It doesn’t have to be direct mail – just something different that grabs their attention. Mention them in a blog post, do a case study on their business, or review a product of theirs.

Lead Generator #3: Scoop Up Clients with Cold Email

  • Sending out cold emails might sound a little daunting.
  • But it can be a forceful strategy for scooping up super-high quality leads, because you’re reaching out directly to someone who could use your services and showing them your value.
  • Here are some fast and furious actions steps to help you hit the ground running with cold emails:
  • Compile a list of prospects to email. (Here’s a spreadsheet template made for you.)
  • Do some research…understand the pains and wants of your prospect.
  • Provide solutions to their problems in your email to show your expertise.
  • Have a strong call to action.
  • Follow up.
  • Keep in mind, the more personalized and relevant your emails are, the higher your closing rate will be.
  • Not sure of what exactly to say in your email?
  • Here’s a ready-made email pitch template  that you can put to work immediately.

Lead Generator #4: Make Friends with Benefits

  • When it comes to your audience-based business, developing real relationships lets you skip some of the labour behind growing your business and tap into a ripe audience that’s the same size as your own, (maybe even bigger), with little effort and barely any cost.
  • Now, we all know how valuable the right relationships can be in an audience-based business, but how do you actually go about making these relationships?
  • To make sure you’re accepted as a friend and not seen as someone looking for a quick favour, you need to genuinely connect with people.
  • Talk about what interests them and become friends before anything.
  • Can you help them in any way?  What do you have in common?  What are their passions and interests?
  • Action Steps
  • Step 1: Find a business or person who has a strong relationship with a similar audience to yours and connect with them. Talk about their interests, hobbies, goals etc.
  • Step 2: After you have developed a connection with the person/business, ask them to introduce your non-competitive but related product/service to their audience.

Lead Generator #5: Dish Out Value to Create a Loyal, Trusting Audience

  • There’s a shift in the way people buy things now.
  • Hard selling and pushy sales tactics are history.
  • Successful business owners of today focus on helping people, giving value, and then generating profits.
  • Action Step
  • Find 1 new way to give value and help your audience before asking them to buy.
  • It can be a workshop, an eBook, a detailed blog post – anything that shows you’re “here to help.”


Acting on just one of these strategies above will substantially increase the leads your audience-based business gets.


Your Leads are Waiting: Are You Going to Close Them?



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  1. This is a good list of reminders. I’ve done the peacocking route. It was more than 50 letters with personalized letters. Mailing them all nearly broke my budget and there was not one client request.

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