How To Generate Targeted Traffic That Converts To Leads

Blogging Is One Way To Generate Targeted Traffic That Converts








“One of the most cost-effective ways to generate the necessary traffic that converts to leads for marketing automation is to blog”…..says  Dan Stasiewski, an Enterprise Data Consultant at Kuno. 




How Does Blogging Affect Website Traffic?

  • Google and other search engines continue to favor sites that produce informative or entertaining content on a regular basis.
  • Search is changing frequently
  • To take advantage of these changes, you need to create content that attracts people’s attention.
  • When you provide helpful, informative blog posts on a regular basis you can improve your search traffic tremendously.



The key to gaining search traffic from blogs is to provide content that is valuable to your audience.



Here are a few blog post ideas:

  • Review of a new product or service
  • Tips or ideas on how to do something more efficiently or effectively
  • Interview with an industry thought leader
  • Educational “how to” video
  • News or updates about what’s happening in your industry




On the blog and within each post, there should be a call-to-action graphic promoting an offer.



If a user clicks on the graphic and converts, he or she goes from website visitor to lead.



This is where marketing automation and lead nurturing take over.



Beyond generating traffic via search engines, your blog provides shareable content for your social networks



You can also encourage website visitors to subscribe (opt in to my email list here) to receive your new blog posts in their inboxes with an email subscription.



The more traffic, the more opportunity you have to capture leads and nurture them using marketing automation.






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